Everything You Need To Know About Space If You Plan To Join Space Force Or Live On Mars One Day

If there was one good thing the Communists did for us, it was that they forced us to explore space. It’s been 70 years since we launched the very first satellite into orbit, and space has been making a comeback. From Elon Musk sending a rocket car into orbit to President Trump creating a military branch called the Space Force, we just can’t get our minds off space.

You Can Become Rich On The Diamond Planet

Eventually, we’re going to get to a point with planet earth where all our natural resources are used up, and Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates own all the world’s wealth. When this day inevitably comes, we will be forced to explore the solar system looking for new forms of wealth.

@BrianDColwell / Twitter
@BrianDColwell / Twitter

Thankfully, scientists discovered 55 Cancri E, which is a planet that is primarily carbon in the form of diamonds. Yes, it’s a world of just diamonds.