Get Your Spandex Ready! What Are These ’80s Fitness Stars Doing These Days?

Dating back to the election of Ronald Reagan, America started to go through changes. The health-centric fad began to skyrocket, mainly fitness and aerobics. You didn’t have to rely on running the track or playing basketball anymore. The ’80s saw bright-colored tank tops and tights during workouts. You also had a healthy dose of Jane Fonda and Jake Steinfeld to instruct you on your VHS players. It was an excellent time to stay home and ditch the gym thanks to these ’80s fitness stars. See what they’re up to now!

Jane Fonda – Then

Jane Fonda knew how to capitalize on the market. She was already a household name as an actress by the time she released The Jane Fonda Workout, thus helping her video become the highest-selling home video with more than one million copies shipped out.

Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images
Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

All the baby boomers wanted to have possession of this tape. VCRs started selling in heaps just so people could sweat with Fonda. Her 23 series workout videos sold 17 million copies total.