Allen Iverson Wasn’t Prepared For This Bombshell His Wife Dropped In Divorce Court

Allen Iverson had one of the most entertaining and glorified NBA careers of all time. For 14 seasons he was one of the most fascinating characters on and off the court. He retired as an 11-time all-star and one-time league MVP (2001). Behind the scenes Iverson was a tornado, living a wild and lavish lifestyle that could have easily ended his career early. When he divorced his wife in 2011, he thought he had reached a new low. Then Tawanna Iverson dropped the bombshell of all bombshells on him, and he never saw it coming.

He Was Arrested At 17 Years Old

When Allen Iverson was 17 years old, he and three friends were at a bowling alley when all heck broke loose. The story goes Iverson and his friends were asked to quiet down several times. They didn’t, and a fight followed.

Philadelphia 76ers' guard Allen Iverson rubs his e

Iverson was arrested for the incident and charged with “maiming by mob.” He was tried as an adult. The judge sentenced the young man to 15 years in prison for his participation in the bowling alley brawl.