Former NFL Player Antonio Brown Puts His Lavish California Home On The Market

Since 2010, former wide receiver Antonio Brown led the NFL in receptions (837), receiving yards (11,207), 1st down receptions (546), and touchdowns (74). To say there was nothing he couldn’t do in that position would be an understatement. Due to some personal issues, Brown is no longer in the league as of October 2019. After leaving Pittsburgh, he landed with the Oakland Raiders, and then it was off to New England before he would stop playing. While he was in the Bay area, Brown had a lavish home in Alamo that’s now on the market for $3.375 million. Let’s take a look at it, shall we?

The Lavish Life

Antonio Brown enjoys living the posh life more than many other athletes in the NFL. You might see him in a fur trench coat, or a Gucci blazer. Rarely do you catch Brown without a designer outfit on.

Maria Afzal/ Images
Maria Afzal/ Images

Not only are his clothes flashy, but everything else is as well. From his car to the homes he chooses to live in, Brown embodies lavish. His house in Alamo, California, is no exception to any of this.