These MLB Players Were One-Hit Wonders That Got Every Fan’s Hopes Up

These Major League Baseball players gave fans false hope. For one season, these players put up great numbers and rallied energy within their team. But when it was time for them to carry the momentum into the following season, they were just a shell of themselves. Here are the one-hit wonders throughout the history of MLB.

Shane Spencer The Playoff Beast

In his rookie year, Shane Spencer slugged away ten home runs in September, and three of those were grand slams. He proved his worth during the 1998 playoffs with a hitting percentage of .500 against the Texas Rangers. Spencer also hit two home runs against them. He and the New York Yankees went on to win the World Series.

Sporting News via Getty Images
Sporting News via Getty Images

Afterward, he never had numbers that jumped off the stat sheet. He hit 59 home runs and had 242 RBIs over six years of his career. Four more years with the Yankees and none of that postseason magic would return for Spencer. He would eventually retire in 2006.