Did You Know Michael Jordan Didn’t Make His High School Basketball Team?

No athlete will beat the success and notability of Michael Jordan. He’s always been the face of whatever team he has played for. Known for his unstoppable athleticism, he won six NBA titles in eight years. He single-handedly packed arenas for basketball games. Basketball hasn’t always been his sport though. Read on to find out how the GOAT of the NBA started his career.

Didn’t Make His High School Team

Michael Jordan was not handed an easy path to the NBA. When he was in high school, he originally wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and play baseball. Then he fell in love with basketball. As a sophomore, Jordan tried out for his high school team, and was told he was too short.

michael jordan high school cut from his team
Focus on Sport/Getty Images
Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Being the man he is, Jordan refused to quit. He began practicing obsessively to hone his skills. A sudden growth spurt of four inches that summer helped. The next time Jordan tried out, magic happened.