The Mega Mansions Of NFL Players

Football is basically its own religion in the United States — not to mention the biggest money-making sport in the country! These players make millions of dollars each year by tossing the pigskin around. And they all have the mansions to prove how much they rake in. Check out these incredible houses that the NFL built. You’re not going to believe how much they cost.

Tony Romo’s Mansion Cost $9 Million and Is Over 32,000 Square Feet

Tony Romo is one of the most famous football players today not just for his skills, but also for his romantic life. Tony Romo is currently the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He got his career start by playing ball for Eastern Illinois University, where he received the Walter Payton Award in 2002.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages
Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/GettyImages

He signed on with the Broncos, as a free agent, the following year. Although he’s broken several notable Cowboy records, he’s unfortunately become notorious for “choking” during high-profile games. That hasn’t stopped Romo from dating high-profile women like Jessica Simpson or from buying a Texas-sized mansion for himself and wife Candice Crawford.