NFL Defensive Linemen That Deserve Your Respect

The NFL is a league built on big hits delivered by big bodies. Not shockingly, the biggest bodies can be found in the trenches, also known as the neutral zone; where offensive and defensive lineman make their living. Many coaches believe that games are won or lost in the trenches. Other coaches like to declare that, “defense wins championship!.” If you believe both those statements, then the following list is for you!

Here is the greatest defensive lineman of all time. These players are so big, scary, and outright talented that we know they were major reasons for their team’s success!

You won’t believe how many sacks Michael Strahan recorded in one season!

Howie Long Is More Than Just His Father’s Son

Known more today as a broadcaster than a football player, most fans don’t remember the Hall of Fame career of Howie Long. Playing his entire career for the Raiders (in both Oakland and Los Angeles), all Long’s team did was win. Just look at the Raiders victory in Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. The game ended with Los Angeles Raiders drubbing the Washington Redskins 38-9. That same year Long was named “Defensive Lineman of the Year,” an honor he would repeat in 1985. Before hanging up his cleats Long was named an all-pro five times, a pro-bowler eight times, and the “Defensive Player of the Year” once. He was rightfully inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000, and if you were to look up his highlight reel online you would understand why!

Focus on Sport/Getty Images
Focus on Sport/Getty Images