These Are The Worst Quarterbacks In NFL Playoff History; Who Do You Think Is Number One?

Quarterbacks are the backbone to any NFL team. They march their squad up the field and help secure six points by running, passing, and sometimes even catching the ball. If it weren’t for quarterbacks, coaches would be playing a very different and far less exciting game. After all, not everyone can complete a 65-yard pass with a precision that lands perfectly in the receivers hands. The QB role becomes even more important come playoff time, just ask Tom Brady or Russell Wilson, a few names that step up when the lights are the brightest. Sadly, for every Brady or Wilson, there are those QBs who don’t possess the ability to close out a post-season. Which quarterbacks do you think earned their spot on this list?

Andy Dalton

It’s fitting to kick things off with a quarterback yet to secure a post-season victory. Andy Dalton, as good as he can perform during the regular season, isn’t the guy you’d want leading your favorite team into the playoffs. Not only because he hasn’t won a game in four starts, but also because he’s just thrown one touchdown in that same span.

andy dalton
Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images
Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images

Heading into the 2019 playoffs, the Bengals fired head coach Marvin Lewis who also hadn’t won a playoff game as their head coach. Perhaps, fortune favors the bold.