Forgotten NBA Players Who Deserve More Respect Than They Get

According to Business Insider, the average shelf life of an NBA player is 4.8 years. Make that 20 if you’re named Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki or Vince Carter. Those are the outliers and legendary players. There are also the players who stick around for about 12 years who are all-stars and have many fans even after they retire. And then there are those who were great players, but once they left the league, fans didn’t remember them or show the respect they deserved. As you read through this list, prepare to say “oh” under your breath with a slight smile as you remember some of these former ballers.

Chris Kaman

In a loaded 2003 draft, the Clippers called Chris Kaman’s name with the number six overall pick. Chris Kaman had a solid career with the Clippers that spanned eight years. He even earned an All-Star nod in 2010. However, Kaman only played in the playoffs three times.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

After the Clippers, he bounced around some bad teams, and that’s how his career ended. Due to the lack of success on the teams he played on, his career didn’t go as planned and it made fans experience amnesia once he retired.