These Former MLB Stars Are Finding New Life With The 9-5 Grind

Major League Baseball is one of the hardest tiers of professional sports to reach. Players spend years in the minor leagues hoping to one day get called up to the big show. Those who do, like Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr., get to live out their baseball dreams. But what happens when they retire? Not every MLB star who says goodbye goes gently into retirement. Some find second lives in new careers, becoming reinvigorated by the 9-5 grind. The following players on this list are those stars, and these are their new careers.

Randy Johnson – Photographer

It would have been easy for Randy Johnson to retire and never work a day in his life again. The Hall of Famer won 300 games and five Cy Young awards during his career. Instead, Johnson jumped into a second career as a photographer.

randy johnson career after baseball photographer
Christian Petersen/Getty Images
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The good news is that the learning curve for his new job wasn’t too steep. Johnson was a photojournalism major at USC. As he puts it, “As much as I enjoyed the thrill of pitching a perfect game and winning a World Series, I get similar satisfaction from using my photography skills to try and capture that defining moment in time.”