Glory Days: Sports Images You May Have Missed

Mamie’s Bouffant Belles Running Track

Honey anyone? I’m just kidding around with you all. This photo is definitely reflective of the times. Of course, this photo was taken in the ’60s. The ’60s was another fun time, but also a very turbulent time as well. It was a time of change and social justice. With all of the issues that were around during that time, it was still a fun and beautiful time, especially as a young adult.

This is the UT women’s track team, also known as the “Flamin’ Mamie’s Bouffant Belles.” This was a girl’s track team and the picture was taken in 1964. I swear, every time I see a beehive hairdo, Martha Reeve’s and the Vandella’s Dancing in the Streets starts playing in my head, every time.