Multitalented Twins Forced Into A Decision Forever Impacting Their Lives

What are the odds that identical twins thrive in basketball and music, with a chance to become professional in both? Meet, Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez, two ladies who were on top of the world. These two possess a great deal of talent and an extremely high work ethic that helped them get close to becoming global stars. Sadly, one establishment got in the way of their dreams of becoming pro basketball stars. The unfortunate situation also helped to shed light on a more severe issue affecting many in America…

An Athletic Family

Born in Kansas, Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez grew up in Idaho. It was no surprise when their athleticism started to show itself. Their mother, Angie, was an All-American basketball star at Kansas during the ’80s before going pro in Germany.

Dylan & Dakota Gonzalez
Dylan & Dakota Gonzalez/Facebook
Dylan & Dakota Gonzalez/Facebook

Wanting to follow in their mother’s footsteps, the twins became elite talents for Highland High School in Pocatello, Idaho. That would only be the start of their athletic journey and compelling life, filled with twists…