Nike Flushed $14 Billion Down The Drain From A Costly Mistake They Made With Steph Curry

Outside of just reaching the professional level, any athlete’s dream is to be sponsored by one of the athletic brands. Nike is the leading sports brand in America and having them sign you to a brand can make you a star. They have contracts with LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Tiger Woods, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Some of these players even signed lifetime deals with Nike.

But one of the top NBA players, Stephen Curry, chose not to sign with Nike and join the elite group of athletes. The reason why will make you wonder how Nike could be so stupid.

Signing Curry Should Have Been A No-Brainer

For Nike, it shouldn’t have been a hard decision to sign Steph Curry for a shoe deal. He already had many ties with the brand, including his godfather Greg Brink, who worked for Nike.

steph curry taking a break
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Curry also wore Nike shoes during his entire college career.