Ouch: The Worst Injuries In Professional Wrestling

It’s a pretty well-known and common complaint: wrestling isn’t real! While it should be noted that the matches are always predetermined for entertainment purposes. the risks that the men and women face in the ring are very real, and they can have life-altering effects both physically and mentally. Some injuries have led to early retirement for those in love with getting in the ring, and some have led to paralysis and even death.

Totally Gruesome


We’re taking a look at some of the most gruesome injuries to have ever occurred in professional wrestling around the world. Number 14 is so completely brutal, it’s hard to believe the victim bounced back and number 11 is just completely tragic. Number 1 will make everyone who reads it cringe in their seat!

Sid Vicious’ Broken Leg

Sid Vicious’ Broken Leg

At the 2001 WCW PPV “Sin,” Sid Vicious was a part of the Four Corners match for the WCW Championship. During this match, the wrestler took a dive from the second turnbuckle to deliver a big boot on Scott Steiner. Unfortunately, he landed in the worst way possible and broke his leg in the ring. Breaking your leg can be an extremely serious injury and surely this experience was even worse due to in being in front of a crowd. Due to the graphic nature, footage of this injury was never re-aired. The worst thing about this injury is that management asked him to deliver an aerial attack during the match. Sid would be in rehab for three years.