Stanley Cup 2018: Proof That Las Vegas Is A Sports Town

The Las Vegas Golden Knights arrived in Sin City in 2017 and became the undeniable talk of the town. Before the team’s arrival, no one believed Las Vegas was a sports town. Sure, the city hosts major boxing and UFC events, but does anyone remember the Las Vegas Outlaws of the XFL? We didn’t think so.

Since the Golden Knights sold out every home game and advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2018, it’s time to reassess what sports mean in Las Vegas. Here’s the proof that sports and sin go hand-in-hand. You won’t believe which Golden Knight is the Capitals kryptonite!

500-1 Odds Is A Bet Worth Taking

golden knights win the finals.jpg

Photo Credit: David Lipnowski/Getty Images

Before the start of the 2017-18 NHL season, oddsmakers gave the Vegas Knights 200-1 odds to make the Stanley Cup Finals. Those odds ballooned to 500-1 for a Stanley Cup championship. Anyone who placed a bet on the team to make it this far must be smiling. A small $10 bet would already have paid out $2,010.

Those waiting could have a bigger payday ahead. The Golden Knights need four wins to take home the Stanley Cup trophy. A similar bet with increased odds is worth over $5,000! According to reports, the largest bet placed at those odds was $60. A win would net the better over $30,000!