The Evolution Of Skiing Over The Decades

When it comes to skiing, most people think of bright neon-colored clothing, early mornings, and the adrenaline of speeding down a snowy mountainside. We reminisce about hot drinks, beer, food, and the energy of a ski lodge packed full of people all excited to get up on the mountain. For most of us, we can’t imagine a world without this popular recreation at our disposal. So how did it skiing start, and how did it develop into the culture it has become today? Take a glimpse at the history behind it all and the evolution of ski culture and fashion throughout the decades! Do you know the difference between Alpine and Nordic skiing?

The Origins

There have been traces and indications of humans skiing that date back to ancient civilizations when communities of people were still hunter-gatherers. Some of the oldest evidence of skiing has been found in cave paintings dating back from 8000-6000 BC. It is believed that some of the first communities to have skied were the ancestors of the Sami, the indigenous people of Scandinavia, as a means of survival. The oldest set of actual skis were found near Lake Sindor in Russia along with the remains of other wooden objects such as tools and sled runners.