The Gorgeous Wives And Girlfriends of Nascar

In a society that focuses on the private lives of football and basketball players, NASCAR drivers often go unnoticed or underrated. But off the tracks, the lives of NASCAR drivers are filled with big wins, cash, big houses, and beautiful women. Wives and girlfriends of NASCAR drivers have it just as good as the partners of other professional athletes. Read on to see what these gorgeous women do when they’re not watching their man on the speedway.

Sherry Pollex and Martin Truex

Sherry Pollex is a fighter and a survivor with a cause. She is very fortunate to be dating Martin Truex Jr. While Martin Truex Jr. competes in racing in order to win, Sherry had a real life battle which could have ended her life.

Sherry was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer in 2014. Martin supported Sherry throughout her battle. She lost her hair and shed 100 lbs because of the procedures that went along with treating cancer. In January 2017, she won her battle against deadly cancer. She and her boyfriend founded the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation in order to help children with pediatric cancer.

Kate Downey-Edwards and Carl Edwards

Kate Downey-Edwards is the special lady in retired driver’s Carl Edwards’ life who makes him turn back flips, as he is famously noted for. Kate Downey-Edwards is considered to be one of the smartest wives in the world of professional race car driving and beyond.

In contrast to her husband’s profession as a race car driver, Kate is a medical doctor who works at the University of Missouri. Dr. Downey-Edwards’ works in the medical profession helping to rehabilitate people who have incurred traumatic brain injuries. Carl and Kate have a son named Michael who was born in 2011 and a daughter named Anne who was born in 2010.

Katelyn Sweet and Kyle Larson

It would seem that Katelyn Sweet was fated to have Kyle Larson as her potential mate. Katelyn Sweet has a family connection to NASCAR racing. She is the younger sister of NASCAR driver Brad Sweet. She is also the girlfriend of NASCAR racer Kyle Larson.

Kyle Larson started racing in NASCAR in 2014 and he also became engaged to the love of his life Katelyn Sweet in 2014 as well. They say when it rains, it pours, and it definitely rained good fortunes for Kyle Larson. Kyle and Katelyn dated for several years before they became engaged. Katelyn gave birth to Owen Miyata Larson on December 22, 2014.

Lorra Podsiadlo Bowyer and Clint Bowyer

Lorra Podsiadlo once attended Nazareth College in Rochester, New York. The former golden eagle was a lacrosse player and was quite the athlete. Most people in athletics end up dating or even marrying other athletes and this is what happened to Lorra Podsiadlo.

Clint proposed to Lorra and they got married a few months later in April 2014. They had their wedding in a tropical paradise in the Bahamas. As one would expect they had some fun on their honeymoon and they ended up expecting a child just a few months later. She had a son named Cash Aaron Bowyer who was born on October 1, 2014.

Brittany Logano and Joey Logano

A little bit of fandom can go a long way. Some people who aspire to be athletes or musicians start off as fans, or fanatics. They become entrenched in their favorite sport and then eventually become a part of that sport in some shape or fashion. Some people even get married to their favorite sports personality!

In the case of Brittany Logano, she was a NASCAR fan since she was a child. She eventually ended up dating NASCAR driver Joey Logano. They met at a skating rink and it began there. Brittany travels with Joey as well when he goes on the road for racing competitions.

Whitney and Brian Scott

Whitney Scott was fortunate enough to have her engagement video go viral for all to see on YouTube. Brian Scott recited his vows to her and it made a lot of people tear up. These were tears of joy of course, and Whitney and Brian went on to become a happily married couple from then on. Brian gets a little emotional during his vows and this is probably why the video went viral.

Whitney and Brian Scott got married in 2015 at the Shore Lodge and Whitetail Club Resort in McCall, Idaho. Luckily, Brian’s father was the owner of this club. Whitney had a previous child from another relationship, and in 2015, Whitney and Brian had a child together named Joseph.

Chandra and Jimmie Johnson

Chandra Janway Johnson was introduced to her future husband Jimmie Johnson through fellow NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon in 2002. You can add Jimmie Johnson to the list of NASCAR drivers married to models as Chandra Janway was a model as well.

One year after dating, Chandra and Jimmie were engaged after. Jimmie popped the question while they were on a snowboarding trip. He planned the proposal and even brought along a photographer to capture the moment. Jimmie and Chandra were married in 2004 on St. Bart’s Island and they had a daughter named Genevieve in 2010, and another daughter named Lynda in 2013.

Ingrid Vandebosch-Gordon and Jeff Gordon

Another sports celebrity has been bitten by the modeling bug. Legendary NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon was hooked by Ingrid Vandebosch-Gordon, a well known Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She is also the lucky wife of NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon.

Jeff Gordon met Ingrid Vandebosch at a party at the Hamptons. They met in 2002, but they didn’t start dating until 2004. Ingrid and Jeff ended up tying the knot in 2006 during a getaway in Mexico. They would go on to have a daughter named Ella Sofia Gordon in 2007, and Leo Benjamin Gordon in 2010.

Whitney Ward and Austin Dillon

Austin Dillon has followed the way of many sports stars. In any article about sports figures and who they have chosen as a mate, you will almost always see a guy dating a model or an actress. Austin began dating Whitney Ward, who once was a cheerleader for the NFL Tennessee Titans. She was also a model for Rockstar Energy drink. Whitney is a graduate of UT-Chattanooga, where she had a full academic and athletic scholarship. They became engaged in August of 2016 while on vacation in the Bahamas and married on December 9, 2017.

Ashley Van Metre and Kurt Busch

Here is something that you do not hear about often. Do you hear about polo players marrying NASCAR stock car drivers? I did not think so. Ashley Van Metre is a professional polo player who was introduced to her future hubby Kurt Busch by one of the most common ways possible. Ashley’s sister Charis introduced them in November of 2014.

Ashley Van Metre dated Kurt Busch beginning sometime in 2015. They were featured as a couple by the public for a few months in 2015, and then Ashley and Kurt were engaged in August of 2015. After a very long engagement of almost two years, Ashley and Kurt tied the knot on January 7, 2017.

Erin Bates and Chad Paine

You probably have a soft spot for names, especially those little cute pet names that husbands and wives have for each other. We have all heard of these names before. You might have heard of a very famous one, especially between two Hollywood stars. You have heard of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or you may be familiar with their pet name portmanteau of “Brangelina.”

Erin Bates and NASCAR driver Chad Paine also have a cute little name. They are affectionately known as “Cherin” according to their affectionate blog titled “Chad and Erin.” They have not revealed much about their personal relationship, but they seem very happy together. They are expecting a second child pretty soon.

Kristen Yeley and JJ Yeley

Kristen Yeley is the better half of JJ Yeley. Kristen Yeley comes from a line of NASCAR drivers, as her father and mother were both NASCAR drivers as well. She eats, sleeps, and breathes NASCAR racing. She loves sharing her life on and off the track on her Twitter account.

It is apparent that their children will more than likely follow in her and her husband’s footsteps and become NASCAR drivers as well. She has competed alongside her husband in the “Better Half Dash” racing event. She has taken the wheel in these races along with her husband JJ riding shotgun.

Trisha Mears and Casey Mears

Trisha Mears dated NASCAR stock driver Casey Mears for several years before they decided to get married. They would go on to marry in January of 2010. Casey and Trisha got married in the beautiful city of Cabo San Lucas. They had a child named Samantha Mears on October 7, 2008, before they tied the knot.

In their spare time, Trisha and Casey like to go hiking and spend time in Arizona. They are also known to go to Cabo San Lucas for vacations. Both Trisha and Casey enjoy the outdoors and stay active.

Amy Reimann and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

There are great drivers, and then, there are legends. When you hear the name NASCAR, you more than likely think of the name Earnhardt. Who is the lady in Dale Earnhardt Jr’s life? That would be Amy Reimann. Amy dated the NASCAR legend for many years before they finally got married.

Amy and Dale are known for being the power couple when it comes to NASCAR wives and girlfriends. They became engaged on June 17, 2015 and would wait over a year to get married, but they finally tied the knot on New Year’s Day 2017. They had their wedding at the Childress Vineyards in Lexington, North Carolina.

Samantha and Kyle Busch

Kyle Busch is the younger brother of NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. How ironic that they both appear in the hottest wives and girlfriends of NASCAR drivers? Kyle Busch, affectionately known as “shrub” by his older brother Kurt, is married to Samantha Busch.

Samantha is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Psychology. She married Kyle on December 31, 2010. Their wedding was broadcasted on the Style Network and was called “Fast and Fabulous: A NASCAR Wedding.” Samantha got a lot of attention when she blogged about the troubles of trying to have a child. Kyle and Samantha have started the “Kyle and Samantha Busch Bundle of Joy Fund” to obtain financial help for other people who are seeking fertility treatments.

Jordan Fish and Denny Hamlin

In every venue of sport, a guy has to end up marrying a former cheerleader. This happens in sports such as football and basketball, and also baseball in some cases. Now the same can be said for the world of automobile racing. Jordan Fish is a former dancer with the Charlotte Bobcats. Jordan met her future husband Denny Hamlin courtside at one of the Bobcat games.

They eventually ran into some dating friction during their relationship as they have had an on again and off again affair in times past. It would seem like their problems would be a thing of the past since they have a daughter together and they are also expecting another child this year as well.

Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Isn’t this just the cutest thing you ever saw? It is an honor to have the same profession as your lover. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. is an accomplished NASCAR driver and his wife Danica Patrick just happens to be a NASCAR driver herself. This couple literally lives life in the fast lane.

Everything seems to be blissful in Danica and Ricky’s life, although Ricky Stenhouse Jr. has admitted that it is harder to date a NASCAR driver than someone with another profession. Danica and Ricky appeared on FOX Sports and Danica admitted to being a better driver when asked who was the better driver.

Emily Maynard

Emily Maynard was the fiancee of former NASCAR driver, Ricky Hendrick. When she was only 18, Hendrick passed away in a plane crash and also at that same time, Maynard found out she was pregnant. She birthed the child and named gave her the nickname of “Ricki” after her lost father. Since then, Maynard has been on shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

As far as her life goes now, she has found love and has had two more kids! “I met him at church before I did The Bachelorette, he really wanted nothing to do with me,” Maynard said on Good Morning America Tuesday. “I told my girlfriend I met this guy and he could like not be less attracted to me, he was in the friend zone.”

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti were an amazing couple that unfortunately, split up in 2013 but that didn’t stop the bond the two have with each other. Judd spoke about how the two operate and broke it down in simple terms.

“He’ll always be my loved one,” the Divergent actress, 45, tellsUS. “Even before our wedding, we agreed not to tell people about our relationship, but to show them instead. What we’re showing them now is we’re human, we’re family, and this is what family looks like.” Dario recently had a kid with his new wife back in 2016.

Katie Kenseth and Matt Kenseth

These two, in a way, have a fairy tale type of love. We say that because the two actually grew up not too far from each other so this thing started when they were young. “I had a little crush on him, but he wouldn’t give me the time of day,” said Kenseth. “I’m glad he didn’t try to pick me up because I was just 13.”

Between the two of them, she is usually the one that gets more excited. “Of the two of us, I’m usually the one that gets more fired up,” she said. “I wasn’t really around when Matt and his dad raced at the short tracks, but from the stories I’ve heard, Matt has always been the one who was calming and saying, ‘It’s okay. It’s alright.’”

Nicole Biffle and Greg Biffle

Nicole Biffle was born in Colorado but grew up in Washington which was an hour and a half from where Greg called his hometown. The two met in 1998 and proceeded to date for an extensive eight years before he decided to propose to her.

“I just wrapped [the ring] up as a Christmas present—in a Victoria’s Secret box,” Biffle said in an article right after their wedding. “So she unwrapped it all not really paying attention, and when she got it all apart, it hit her what it was.” Even the smallest bit of creativity can take you a long way.

Johnny and Courtney Sauter

These two love birds have been together for some time now and their love for one another doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. And often times, when something out of the ordinary happens between to mates, it is often a good sign. On their wedding day, a huge amount of snow poured down and turned it into a winter wonderland.

“We hadn’t had that much snow in Wisconsin in December in years,” said Cortney. “It turned out to be such a beautiful day for a wedding!” It sounds like they had a great time and to top it off, they spent a week at a resort for their honeymoon.

Krissie Newman and Ryan Newman

The animal-loving Krissie Newman met Ryan on a blind date in 2001 and never needed another blind date after. The two would go on to marry in 2004 and have happily been together ever since. She loves animals so much that she assisted in establishing the Rescue Ranch and the Ryan Newman Foundation, which both have done an immense amount of work towards helping animals.

Ryan shed some light on how he proposed to his wife. “We had this small fight, not a big fight; she didn’t punch me or nothing,” Newman said. “She was sitting on a dog pillow petting one of the dogs and I just reached around her and asked her.

Dale is retiring!

One of NASCAR’s greats is stepping away and the fans could not be more devastated. On April 25, 2017, Earnhardt Jr. officially announced he was stepping away from the sport and you could see he was emotional. In the picture above you can see some of the words his wife said in a tweet and she couldn’t be more proud.

As far as plans for after retirement, he still plans to be involved in the sport and doesn’t want to detract from it. It also seems like he will be spending all the time he can with his new wife. “During my rehabilitation, I was given something that I wasn’t accustomed to, and that was time – time to understand what’s important to me, time to realize the incredible support system I have,” Earnhardt said.

Crystal and Sam Hornish

Crystal and Sam Hornish have been together for some time now. On paper, Sam is the perfect husband. He does the things that a wife would appreciate and he isn’t in your face about anything because he keeps it humble. Before they had their third kid together he was asked what he would be doing for the new year.

“The only plan I have at this point is I know around early February I’m going to be going to the hospital with my wife,” Hornish said at Homestead-Miami Speedway prior to the final race of the season. “We’re getting ready to have our third kid. … I told my wife … ‘Next year is going to be great regardless of what happens. My No. 1 priority is to you and the kids.”

Kim and Jeff Burton

Kim and Jeff Burton are you call the epitome of high school sweethearts. The two have been together for 28 years with 18 of those years being married. Once they started dating, they just never let go. Kim was nice enough to give advice on how to lead a successful marriage.

“My best advice for happiness would be to compromise, but you really have to have a genuine love for the other person starting out,” said Kim. “I think sometimes people don’t realize what genuine love is when they first get together. We have a genuine love for each other and a genuine want for the other person to be happy.”

DeLana Harvick and Kevin Harvick

With these two, it seems like the workload between the two is split down the middle or DeLana wears the firesuit in the relationship. She wears so many hats and is one of most powerful women in all of NASCAR that she, at times, overshadows her husband’s talent in the sport. Nothing wrong with the wife being in such a strong position in the relationship.

She asserts herself in almost every situation. One time after her husband completed a race she tweeted, “if you ever win another championship and you kiss @jimmyjohns before you kiss me, you’re gonna be in big phat trouble!”

Beccy and Ryan Hunter-Reay

These two were wed on July 3, 2011, and since have had three children. They make a great couple. They were together for longer than that and Beccy has insight on what Ryan was like back in the day.

“Half of 2005 and all of 2006 and half of 2007 he was unemployed,” she says. “Ryan was hanging around in garages, testing driving for GM and now it’s ironic that he’s back with Chevy. He never gave up on his dream and that’s what I’m most proud of. He’s never lost sight of his goals, and I think that’s what he can be most proud of.”

Niki Taylor and Burney Lamar

Hopefully, you have been keeping count of the model tally when it comes to NASCAR wives and girlfriends. If you have, then get ready to add another model to your count. Niki Taylor is a well-known name in the world of modeling. Niki began modeling in the late ’80s and has been going strong ever since.

Niki was named one of the prettiest people in People magazine back in 1991. She was also the first person under 18 years of age to be featured in Cover Girl. She met NASCAR driver Burney Lamar in January 2006 at an autographing session and they married in December of 2006. They had a son named Rex Lamar on November 16, 2011.

Ashton Clapp and Trevor Bayne

Ashton Clapp is as supportive as they come when it comes to wives. The two were wed on June 4, 2013, and just three days later Trevor had finished third in a big race. Six weeks later, something very unpredicted and unfortunate happened to Trevor. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“She’s been completely supportive and awesome,” Bayne said of his wife. “She’s been by my side all the way through this. That is what is so great about being married to somebody who is the same as you are in their faith and through everything. Man, she’s been unbelievable.

Jamie McMurray and Christy

This is a story about how two people meet then become good friends who eventually start to date and boom, marriage comes. They met in 2006 and started to build since then. When they got married, Jamie said it felt like he was marrying his best friend.

“Yeah, I got on my knee,” Jamie said. “Christy and I have been together for so long, that it’s weird when you’re talking to your friend. You picture that as a child doing it, and you don’t know what the person looks like. We’re sitting there, and I’m like, ‘Gosh, this is my best friend.’ I kind of felt corny. … I’m certainly not Romeo by any means.”

Paige White and Brad Keselowski

This whole proposal was a thing of beauty. Paige White called it the best night ever. Things only got better two months later once the two finally got married. They exchanged personal and intimate vows at the beautiful wedding that brought Paige to tears. It really was a type of wedding that you see in a movie where the princess gets her happily ever after.

“Last night will live on forever, an amazing night w/my bride @PaigeKeselowski & our family/friends!,” said Brad via Twitter. The two seem to be very happy with one another so let’s hope it only gets better.

Marisa Miller and Jim Miller

The relationship is over between Jim Miller and his ex-wife Marisa Miller, but their relationship is worth mentioning. This is due to the fact that between the year 2000 and 2002, Marisa Miller was considered to be the hottest NASCAR wife. (The couple divorced in 2002 and she is now married to an owner of a music production company.)

Marisa received a lot of publicity with her marriage to Jim Miller while they were married. She is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and she is also one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels. In addition to being a model, Marisa served as a guest judge for America’s Next Top Model in 2009.

Taylor Walker and Austin Dillon

It seems like Taylor Walker likes to keep her lovely life strictly about sports players. After she broke up with the University of Florida’s backup QB, Will Grier, she went on to Austin Dillon. Some girls only like tall men, Walker seems to only like athletes.

They became “acquainted” in 2014 and although they had no news of them splitting up or anything of that nature; in 2016 Dillon was with Taylor Ward. And Taylor Ward is nothing short of an upgrade or the same as Taylor Walker if you want to talk about looks.

Jeff and His Ex

Before he was with the beauty he has today, Jeff Gordon had another gorgeous woman around his arm. Her name was Brooke Sealey. In fact, she was so stunning to Gordon that he proposed only one year later. He saw what he wanted and went after it.

“I was so nervous I went to the bathroom five times,” he said. “I was trying to get the ring just right. It was in my pocket.” Even if it might have seemed like the best thing, their divorce ended up being one of the most expensive in sports history.

Tony Stewart and Tara Roquemore

We cannot deny the skills that Tony Stewart possesses. That is a fact, but one thing we can deny is that he has longevity with women. One of his past flings was with the beautiful Tara Roquemore but it did not last that long. She was the main attraction whenever she was in the pit and that showed.

Maybe Stewart just gets his women for show and once he has had enough he finds another one he can show off to the cameras. Okay, maybe that is not the case but you can tell others it is and they just might believe you.

Aric and Janice Almirola

These two got engaged in November of 2009 and got married one year and a month later. Aric Almirola is known as the Cuban Missile because of his Cuban heritage. Not much is known about the relationship between these two but we do know they have two healthy children, a boy and a girl.

And there has always been much debate on whether it is a good thing to keep the relationship private or not but those who keep it private often times seem to be happier. So with two children and some privacy, we can assume that the marriage is thriving.

Connie and Juan Pablo Montoya

Connie Montoya can boast about the longevity of her marriage to Juan Pablo Montoya. She probably has one of the longest marriages of any NASCAR driver in the world of professional race car driving. Temptation exists in the world of professional sports, and NASCAR is no different when it comes to straying, but Juan and Connie have defied the odds for over a decade now.

Connie Montoya met Juan Pablo Montoya when she asked Juan for his autograph. A fan then became a lover as they started dating and then became married in 2002. They now have three children together.

TLC’s Nascar Wives Never Aired

In 2009 TLC teamed up with NASCAR Media Group to launch a TV series named Nascar Wives and began filming. The contract locked in eight half-hour episodes and a one-hour special for the first episode, but none of the footage was ever aired, costing NASCAR Media Group $200,000.

While the couples of NASCAR agreed to the reality series, they weren’t ready to take a dip in the drama pool that surrounds such reality TV shows. Jay Abraham, the COO of NASCAR Media Group said, “The network wanted situations created that were not true to how these women normally act. They wanted conflict, and we just weren’t willing to go down that road.”

Family Life For The Earnhardts

So what has Dale Jr. been up to since retiring? He and his sweetheart wife Amy have been doing good things, apparently! In 2017 the couple announced that they were expecting. And as an early Valentine message (February 8, 2018), Earnhardt posted this adorable message on Twitter.

“When I got married, I thought I had a good idea how amazing my wife is. But her poise and grace during her first pregnancy has turned me into an adoring pile of mush.” Their child, a daughter, is due on May 2, 2018.