The Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of Nascar

Some people wonder about the lifestyles of professional athletes when they’re not competing. Imagine a life that is filled with cash, big houses, big wins, and high stakes. Often times we hear about the wives of professional football and basketball players when professional athletes’ wives are mentioned, but what about the wives and girlfriends of NASCAR drivers? The wives of NASCAR love their glamour and appearances as well. Take a look at the wives and girlfriends of the boys of NASCAR.

Whitney and Brian Scott


Whitney Scott was fortunate enough to have her video go viral for all to see on YouTube. Brian Scott recited his vows to her and it made a lot of people tear up. These were tears of joy of course, and Whitney and Brian went on to become a happily married couple from then on. Brian gets a little emotional during his vows and this is probably why the video went viral.

Whitney and Brian Scott got married in 2015 at the Shore Lodge and Whitetail Club Resort in McCall, Idaho. Luckily, Brian’s father was the owner of this club. Whitney had a previous child from another relationship, and in 2015, Whitney and Brian had a child together named Joseph.