The Hottest Wives And Girlfriends of Nascar

In a society that focuses on the private lives of football and basketball players, NASCAR drivers often go unnoticed or underrated. But off the tracks, the lives of NASCAR drivers are filled with big wins, cash, big houses, and beautiful women. Wives and girlfriends of NASCAR drivers have it just as good as the partners of other professional athletes. Read on to see what these gorgeous women do when they’re not watching their man on the speedway.

Whitney Ward and Austin Dillon


Austin Dillon has followed the way of many sports stars. In any article about sports figures and who they have chosen as a mate, you will almost always see a guy dating a model or an actress. Austin began dating Whitney Ward, who once was a cheerleader for the NFL Tennessee Titans. She was also a model for Rockstar Energy drink. Whitney is a graduate of UT-Chattanooga, where she had a full academic and athletic scholarship. They became engaged in August of 2016 while on vacation in the Bahamas.