The Rubble And Remains Of Olympic Complexes Throughout The Years

Every four years, the world’s biggest competition unfolds – the Olympic Games. Alternating between the Summer and Winter Games, it’s a tradition that dates back to the 8th century in Olympia, Greece. Arguably the biggest event in the world, it is hosted by a lucky chosen country each time. But are these countries really lucky?

Although it’s considered an honor to host the Games, it has proven to be economically devastating to many of the countries that have taken on that responsibility. After the Games, these countries are left with larger-than-life stadiums and complexes that are never taken advantage of, or taken care of again. Take a look and see what has become of these impossibly expensive Olympic complexes that have been neglected entirely.

Abandoned Bobsled Track, Sarajevo

This bobsled track in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a reminder of the 1984 Olympic venue. Sarajevo was commended for their ability to complete such a venue. The 1984 Winter Olympics was the first ever winter Olympics held by a communist state which Yugoslavia wasn’t comfortable with.

Photo Credits: Ioanna Sakellaraki / Barcroft Images
Photo Credits: Ioanna Sakellaraki / Barcroft Images