The Wives And Girlfriends Of NBA Greats

NBA athletes have tremendous pressure on their shoulders. Not only do they have to play 82 games during the season and try to remain healthy for that stretch of six-to-eight months, but they also have to continue to better themselves during the off-season. If they don’t, another player will gladly come in and take their spot.

For some stars, they have families or significant others that help make this schedule a lot easier. Some players have had their special person since high school, while others didn’t meet their special someone until they entered the NBA. Keep reading and see who the top athletes in the NBA are partnered with.

Al Horford and Amelia Vega

All-star and Philadelphia 76ers player Al Horford married Miss Universe. Amelia Vega won the famed title in 2003, but the two didn’t get married until Christmas Eve 2011. The two had their first child in 2015, a boy named Ean.


Since then, they’ve had two more children, a boy, and a girl. The funny thing about their wedding is that everyone came to it thinking it was a regular party, but it was a surprise wedding. Guests arrived, having not known that the two were even engaged!