The World’s Shortest Athletes Don’t Find Their Height A Laughing Matter

Being tall and being a world-famous athlete are supposed to go hand-in-hand. If you said that to Lionel Messi or Jose Altuve, they would laugh and pat you on the back. At just five feet and seven inches and six inches respectively, both are at the peaks of their professions. Messi just starred for Argentina in the World Cup, and Altuve is coming off an MVP award and World Series Championship. After seeing the rest of the names on this list, your opinions on size might just change. Do you remember how tall Muggsy Bogues was?

Dustin Pedroia Was The Original Jose Altuve

Dustin Pedroia Was The Original Jose Altuve

Photo Credit: Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Before Jose Altuve became one of the faces of MLB, there was Dustin Pedroia. Since 2006, the former MVP has been manning second base for the Boston Red Sox. In 2007, he helped the team win the second World Series in 100 years. One season later he scored 118 runs and was named AL Most Valuable Player.

Standing a modest five feet and nine inches tall, Pedroia isn’t an intimidating figure on the diamond. When healthy he’s been one of the most dangerous though. Now in his mid-30s, his body is catching up to him after losing the 2018 season to the disabled list.