These Are The Wildest Things Ever Done With Hockey’s Stanley Cup

Winning the Stanley Cup is a moment hockey players won’t ever forget. After a full season of banging bodies and throwing fists at their opponents, bringing home that Cup makes up for the lost teeth. But in some cases, the Stanley Cup has been the cause of tooth loss. Ask Maurice Richard, who chipped his front teeth because of the huge trophy. Richard’s incident is just the tip of the iceberg. As you go through this list, get prepared to read about the wildest things done with the Stanley Cup. You won’t believe some of these.

Pasta In My Trophy



Nick Bonino won consecutive Stanley Cups with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2016-2017. After he played a big part in winning, he left the Penguins and signed with the Nashville Predators in the summer of 2017. But before he left, he made sure to celebrate with the trophy.

As the caption reads, Bonino’s Italian background kicked in and took over. He enjoyed his mother’s pasta straight out the Stanley Cup. We wonder if there was any strange or metallic aftertaste.

An Unexpected Use


Dave Sandford/Getty Images

As you can imagine, the Stanley Cups have gone through their fair share of abuse. As we dive deeper into the list things might get stranger, but what Kris Draper’s daughter did was flat-out unsanitary. After the Detroit Red Wing’s victory in 2008, the Cup got used for something uncalled for.

Draper placed his newborn in the Cup, and she did a number two in it. Imagine the reactions of those who saw and later heard about it. Draper cleaned it up and drank out of it the same day. Well, OK.

Derby Winner Gets A Taste



Kentucky Derby winner Go for Gin probably didn’t expect to have such a bittersweet day. He didn’t win the Belmont Stakes, but he got a special visit while he was in New York for the event anyway. The New York Rangers won the Cup in 1994, and player Eddie Olczyk decided to have some fun with the trophy.

Olczyk put some oats in it for the horse to munch on. The horse may not have won the race that day, but at least he got to eat out of a historic trophy.

The Trophy Wants To See A Show


B Bennett/Getty Images

The era of Wayne Gretzky spelled a lot of Stanley Cup victories. When you win so much, the celebratory options begin to thin. And since there wasn’t much to do in Edmonton, Alberta, Mark Messier thought of a new idea.

After winning one year, Messier and some of the players took the trophy across the street to a strip club. Entertainers were dancing with the Cup on the runway, and fans even drank champagne out of it. If this hadn’t happened in 1987 then perhaps we would have some social media footage of this legendary night.

Putting Out The Fire…


Contributor/Getty Images

One despicable action in 1940 is said to have caused the New York Rangers a 54-year championship curse. If you don’t believe in superstitions then perhaps you will after reading this. As usual, after the Rangers won the Stanley Cup, they celebrated.

During the celebration, the Cup somehow caught on fire. With no fire extinguisher in sight, the players decided to use what’s in between their legs to put out the fire. There wasn’t any water around them, so they figured that was the best idea. Some think they disrespected the hockey gods and were cursed because of it. Up next, you’ll see how holy this cup is.

Baptized In Style



Sports and religion always get compared. In 2017, that comparison took on a whole new life. Josh Archibald of the Pittsburgh Penguins allowed his son to get baptized in the Stanley Cup. It isn’t a disgrace, but instead a grace.

His son was three weeks old at the time. You haven’t seen it all until you’ve seen something like this. The Holy Grail of hockey got used for one of the holiest religious ceremonies.

Who Wants A Couple Of Hot Dogs?!

phil kessel hot dog penguins twitter.jpg


Hot dog lovers will appreciate this. When you have a cup as big as the Stanley Cup, it’s hard to resist using it as a holder of items. Phil Kessler had won the championship before, but we figured he had to prove himself and win again before trying anything with the Cup.

After winning the title for the second time, Kessler brought the Cup to the golf course and filled it to the brim with hot dogs! Would you enjoy one of those?

Hopefully, It Floats!


Stu pitt moran/Pinterest

Something as big as the Stanley Cup probably isn’t able to float. You don’t need science to guess that it will go under if put in water. The Penguins won their first Cup in 1991 and lost all common sense as a result.

The players had a heated debate about whether the Cup could float, so Phil Bourque decided to bust the myth himself. He grabbed the Cup and jumped into Mario Lemieux’s pool. As predicted, it sank to the bottom. It almost got stuck down there too.

Kick And Watch What Happens


Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images

The Stanley Cup wasn’t always as big as it is now. In 1905, the Ottawa Silver Seven won the Cup and chose to party with it in Ottawa. Back then, there weren’t as many entertainment options but ta doesn’t justify what the players did with the trophy.

The Silver Seven were next to the Rideau Canal, so they all decided to see if they could punt the trophy over the canal. It didn’t make it and landed in the middle of the canal. Thankfully, it was frozen. Someone was able to recover it to the next day.

Load Up The Cereal



Nothing is better than your favorite bowl of cereal. If you’re a hockey player, the only thing better would be winning the Stanley Cup. Andrew Desjardins experienced the best of both worlds in 2015 after he won with the Blackhawks.

Usually, players like to fill the Cup with alcoholic beverages. Desjardins turned back the clock instead and filled the trophy with Lucky Charms. He got to live out a childhood dream and sure looked satisfied while doing it.

You Call That A Flower Pot?

flower pottt.jpg


The Montreal Wanderers won the Stanley Cup in 1907. As any winning team would do, they wanted to take some beautiful pictures with their trophy. The group all traveled to a photographer’s home with the Cup, and things got funny.

After the pictures were taken, the players went on about their lives but forgot the most important thing. The Stanley Cup was left behind and either the mother or wife of the photographer turned the Cup into a flower pot for her geraniums.

Watch Out For Your Teeth!


Contributor/Getty Images

Hockey players usually lose their teeth on the ice. It’s rare you hear about any player having dental issues outside of the hockey rink. But Maurice “Rocket” Richard had a unique situation with the Stanley Cup after he won back in 1957.

Taking a sip as many players do, Rocket ended up chipping his front teeth on the Cup. This chipping was equivalent to jamming your finger picking up gold bricks. It might hurt, but hey, at least you have gold in your hand.

Go Get Your Dog


Contributor/Getty Images

At this point, we’ve seen a baby get baptized, Lucky Charms, and hot dogs all inside the Stanley Cup. Clark Gillies wanted to add something as well, but this wasn’t for him to enjoy. After the New York Islanders won the Cup, Gillies let his dog eat dinner from the Stanley Cup.

If a horse can eat some oats from the Cup, it’s safe to say a dog can eat their dinner out of it. People shamed Gillies for it, but his response was, “Why not? He’s a good dog.”

Taking Things Personally

1997 Yzerman

Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images

A Stanley Cup winner has every right to do whatever he wants with that immaculate trophy. There is pretty much no line that can get crossed when it comes to activities done with the Cup. That was until Steve Yzerman came into the picture.

The only line to be drawn is anything that involves being naked with the trophy. Not only did Yzerman get naked, but he showered with the Stanley Cup! He was the team captain so no one could say anything. But we will.

Take It For A Ride

sled ridee.jpg


What you see here was not the doing of a player. That only makes it that much weirder. We suppose people will do whatever they can if they have authority over the grand trophy.

While it’s not our first choice, taking the Stanley Cup on a sled ride is a viable option. Not that many people have the ability to say they got to ride with the famous Stanley Cup through the snow. In fact, not even many players can say that, because they don’t do it.

Selanne Is A Heavy Drinker


Dave Sandford/Getty Images

When you’re regarded as one of the greatest to grace the hockey rink, you can celebrate a little harder than others. After the Anaheim Ducks won the Cup in 2007, Teemu Selanne used the Cup to fuel his fun.

The alcohol of choice to put in the Cup is usually beer or champagne. This time around, Selanne went for the hard stuff. Mike Bolt was the keeper of the Cup at the time, and he revealed how much Selanne drank from it. In an interview, Bolt said that Selanne and his friends drank around 12 bottles of scotch from the Cup in one night. That’s a gnarly hangover.

That’s A Nice Place To Leave It


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Sometime in the past, we’ve all forgotten something. Whether it was your keys, wallet, or if you’re Kevin McCallister’s parents and you can’t remember your son, it happens to the best of us. But one thing you shouldn’t forget is the Stanley Cup trophy that you just won.

That was the case for the Montreal Canadiens after they won in 1924. The team had car trouble, so they stopped to change the tire and took the trophy out of the vehicle while they worked on the car. As they got back on the way to the party, someone finally realized the Cup was missing, and they drove full steam ahead back to retrieve it.

Always Watch Your Kids


Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images

If anybody has learned anything from this list then its to never leave your kids unattended around the Stanley Cup. And when you’re a kid, sometimes it’s tough to tell apart your toys from things that are important. Lester Patrick won the Stanley Cup in 1925 and left it in a box in his basement.

His two sons ended up finding the trophy and they tried to engrave their names in it with a hammer and nail! In 1940, his son Lynn won the Stanley Cup with the Rangers and got his name on it.

I Scream For Ice Cream!

doug weight ice cream.jpg


When you share the spoils of victory with your family, then everyone wins. Doug Weight won the Stanley Cup in 2006 with the Carolina Hurricanes. He gave his kids the mightiest of all treats.

When the Cup arrived at his residence, a professional photographer was on hand to take pictures. Then Weight turned the Cup into a dish ” with gallons of ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, M&M’s and chocolate chips decorating St. Louis’s largest ice cream sundae,” Hockey Hall of Fame reported.

Bourque Adds His Name to History


Jeanine Leech/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

And here, Phil Bourque makes another appearance on this list. This time his blunder was on the funny side and not detrimental to the Cup’s legacy. If you win the Stanley Cup more than once, that calls for different ways to celebrate. When it was time to give the trophy to the next person Bourque noticed a rattling noise.

He tried to fix whatever was wrong with it and found something else. When he took apart the Stanley Cup, he saw that former repairers had engraved their names in the trophy. After seeing that, he wrote, “Phil Bourque, Pittsburgh Penguins, 90-91, Enjoy it!”