These Championship Celebrations Got Out Of Hand Fast!

The biggest victories in sports always come with the best celebrations. Some celebrations, in our opinion, were born different; were born special. These celebrations are endlessly watchable.

The celebrations we’ve chosen to highlight are legendary. You might not even remember the victory they’re celebrating! When the champagne shower begins, and the goggles go on, there is no stopping the party for these professionals. Just wait until you see how the German National team danced for their fans in 2014!

Alexander Ovechkin Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

It’s hard to blame Alexander Ovechkin for refusing to stop after winning the Stanley Cup. He’s partied just about everywhere, has slept with the cup, done a keg stand out of the cup, and has taken the trophy to bars citywide for karaoke with fans!

Photo Credit: Mitchell Layton/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

As long as Ovechkin keeps partying, no one in Washington will care that their MLB team is in the hunt for October. The Summer of 2018 in our nation’s capital is officially the “Summer of Ovi.” This celebration might be the best championship celebration ever, but the ones you’re about to read about are all trying their best to get on Ovechkin’s level!