Warriors Vs. Cavaliers Season Four: What You Need To Know About The NBA’s Toughest Rivalry

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors take the stage for the fourth straight year in the 2018 NBA Finals. Golden State has won twice in the past three years, and Cleveland hopes to even the series and cement LeBron James’ status as the greatest of all-time. The rivalry is real, and emotions will run at all-time highs.

The road to the big show wasn’t easy, either. For the first time since 1979, both conference finals went seven games. The Warriors and Cavs get to rest for a few days before taking to the court again. As you’ll see, this rivalry is one of the NBA’s best. Keep reading to find out how LeBron ignited his team to take the title in 2016.

No Other Teams Have Met in the Finals Four Straight Years

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Photo Credit: Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The 2018 NBA Finals marks the first time in American sports history two teams will face each other for the fourth consecutive year. There have been plenty of trilogies, but never a quadrilogy.

In the NFL, the Lions and Browns met in the Championship game from 1952-54. The Montreal Canadiens and the Detroit Red Wings battled it out from 1954-1956. And the New York Giants (now San Francisco) and New York Yankees traded titles from 1921-1923. Still, no Finals match-up has ever gone four years in a row. Being in a league of their own, the rivalry between the Cavaliers and the Warriors is undeniably one of the greatest of all-time.