What Did These NCAA Superstars Do After Starring In March Madness?

It’s incredibly weird to think that some of the greatest players in college basketball end up having mediocre, if not awful professional basketball careers. It takes a certain type of work ethic and natural talent to be able to perform in college, and transition successfully to the NBA.

Players like Adam Morrison and Tyler Hansbrough had an outstanding college career but couldn’t even come close to that same success in the NBA. While this article isn’t just about college superstars who turned into NBA busts, it is interesting to see where some of the players capturing headlines in college ended up in life.

Ed O’Bannon Started His College Career With A Torn ACL

Ed O’Bannon’s college career almost ended before it even started when he tore his anterior cruciate ligament before his freshman season. But, he was miraculously able to lead his UCLA Bruins to a national championship in his senior year.

Ed O' Bannon
Stephen Dunn / Getty Images
Stephen Dunn / Getty Images

After college, he had a mostly forgettable professional career. He only spent three seasons in the NBA before going over to play the next eight seasons overseas. He recently filed a lawsuit against the NCAA which challenges the use of the images of its former student-athletes for commercial purposes.