A Dreadful Stench Leads Authorities To A Home In Madagascar

In 2018, there was a stench coming from a house that was so bad nearly the entire neighborhood reported the smell, hoping to quickly resolve the problem. Located in a coastal town in Madagascar, once the neighbors called authorities, the mystery was left up to Soary Randrianjafizanaka to solve. Soary is the head of Madagascar’s environmental agency in the Toliara region. What she found in the home was something she could hardly put into words.

A House In The Neighborhood Was Raising Concerns

At first, neighbors were frustrated and disturbed by the smell that was flowing from the two-story house in Toliara. Unlike other homes on the street, this one was not occupied by a family. A few of the neighbors approached the house, but no one appeared to be home.


The problem didn’t go away, on its own. In fact, it only got worse. The horrid stench was intensifying and neighbors were baffled by what could be inside the house.