This Championship Racehorse Was Stolen And Held Up For Ransom

Horseracing has been around since the days of Ancient Greece. Horses and jockeys work together in a race to see which horse is superior, and there have been certain horses that stand out amongst the rest.

Secretariat may be the most famous racehorse, but others like Seabiscuit and Man O’ War have made a name for themselves and become a feature in pop culture. This is the story of another racehorse who didn’t rise quite to prominence, but was taken at his most valuable.

A Story Of A Lost Friend

Back in 1983, one of the world’s most beloved racehorses was separated from his owner and the place he knew as home.

GettyImages-1188951 Richard Hughes and Thundering Surf (C) come home for The Great Britain and Irish Team to land The Carvill Shergar Cup Challenge Race during The Blue Square Shergar Cup held at Ascot.
Photo Credit: Julian Herbert/ALLSPORT
Photo Credit: Julian Herbert/ALLSPORT

On March 3rd, 1978, a new foal named Shergar was born at the Sheshoon Sted in County Kildare, Ireland. Shergar grew up and became a very handsome stallion. He could have lived out his life as a stud for breeding, but his owner had different plans for him.