A Mansion Went On The Market For $10, And There’s A Surprising Reason No One Wanted To Buy It

Only a select few people will ever have the privilege of owning a mansion. It’s fun to picture ourselves lounging by a huge swimming pool or sitting in a state-of-the-art movie theater that just happens to be in the basement. But what if you could own a multi-million dollar home for just $10? There’s a really big catch…

It’s Not Cheap To Live Here, So What’s Up With The $10 Price?

It’s famously hard to find an affordable house in the New York metro area. According to local Zillow listings, the median price of homes here is $342,000. That’s not exactly pocket change for most people!

Moving The House Isn't The Only Stipulation

So, when a gorgeous mansion went on the market for $10, people flocked to the open house. Weirdly, no one made an offer on the suburban estate. You won’t believe the reason no one bought the mansion.