Bone-Chilling Facts Behind The Most Charming Serial Killer In American History

When it comes to serial killers, Ted Bundy is one of the most notorious in history. On the surface, he seemed like a handsome, successful law student with a heart of gold. In reality, he was a murderer, rapist, and kidnapper. How did someone get away with more than thirty murders?

Well, thirty years after Bundy was executed by electric chair, people are still trying to find the answers. Read on and learn all about Bundy’s abusive childhood, his harrowing escape from prison, and even the woman who married him while he was on trial for murder.

Suicide Hotline Worker By Day, Murderer By Night

In 1971, Bundy actually worked to save lives. He was an operator for Seattle’s Suicide Hotline Crisis Center and was tasked with easing other peoples’ pain, and reassuring them that they should live. It was here that Bundy met former police officer Ann Rule. Rather than see him for the killer he really was, she was fooled by his charm.

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Rule recalls that Bundy was “kind, solicitous, and empathetic.” By all accounts from his other co-workers, Bundy was one of the best at his job and had a knack for putting the callers at ease. Little did they know, he’d already begun to kill.