Man Solves Cold Case After Digging Up His Backyard

When Aaron Fraser began to renovate the backyard of his old family home in December 2014, he never expected to unearth a life-changing discovery. He had recently been awarded the Jacksonville, Florida house as part of a lawsuit against his father Michael.

The two had been estranged since Aaron was three years old, after Aaron leveled a shocking allegation against his father. What Aaron found would reopen the cold case of his mother’s disappearance and finally bring him closure.

Meet The Haims

Aaron Fraser was actually born Aaron Haim. Michael and Bonnie Haim married as teenagers and Bonnie had Aaron when she was only 20. From the outside, they looked like the perfect young family.

bonnie haim 6

They lived in a single story, three bedroom ranch house on a quiet street in Jacksonville, Florida. Both Michael and Bonnie worked for a construction company owned by Michael’s aunt, Eveann Haim. Michael ran a sales team while Bonnie managed the business’ books.