Remembering The Stars We’ve Lost In 2018

2018 has seemed particularly sad when it comes to celebrities we’ve lost. From Anthony Bourdain to Stephen Hawking, the mark these people have left on the world is undeniable. Take a look back at the people we’ve lost and what made them so remarkable.

Anthony Bourdain’s Tragic End

Fans and fellow foodies around the world were astounded at the news that their favorite witty host and chef had passed away due to suicide. Anthony Bourdain rose to fame after he penned a book about being a chef with anecdotes of his very interesting life. He was also an immensely talented writer as his many contributions will live on for future foodies.

Paulo Fridman/ Corbis/ Getty Images
Paulo Fridman/ Corbis/ Getty Images

More recently he had been dating actress Asia Argento and supported her in her personal crusade against Harvey Weinstein and thus found a voice as a man supporting women throughout the “Me Too” movement. Upon news of his passing, countless memorials poured in from former Presidents like Barack Obama to his CNN cohorts.