Unreal Photos Taken Before the Most Tragic Moments in History

Photographs are a permanent, magical-seeming glimpse into a fleeting moment. They offer a peek into another time and place through the perspective of another person’s eyes. Unfortunately, we sometimes find ourselves glancing into a moment of pure misfortune, one that the subjects of a simple photograph would never see coming before it was too late.

Unimaginable Fear

This is beyond disgusting and possibly the most horrifying entry on this list. A 14-year old Texas girl named Regina Kay Walters was held hostage by a crazed serial killer, who took photos of her in distress. He eventually killed Walters, after cutting off her hair and dressing her in a black dress and heels. She is clearly terrified here. Robert Ben Rhoades, “The Truck Stop Killer” was subsequently found guilty of her murder and remains imprisoned today. He is thought to have killed over 50 women, although he only has three confirmed victims.