Kim Jong Un Said No: Banned Photos From North Korea

The Demilitarized Zone

This is one of the few spots that you are actually capable of taking pictures without too much of a hassle. The key words there being “too much” because you know, you’re still in North Korea. There is one thing you need not do when taking photos in this area.

“Taking pictures in the demilitarized zone (between North and South Korea) is easy, but if you come too close to the soldiers, they stop you,” said Lafforgue. Why would you even want to get that close to the soldiers in the first place? Just mind your business and don’t do anything stupid!

This is something you won’t see every day. Not even because it’s North Korea but because why would a woman be standing by herself in a bright pink gown in the middle of an army? Maybe she is planning something but, nevertheless, this is the definition of a rare photo so take a mental photo.

“A woman standing in the middle of a crowd of soldiers. This picture was not supposed to be taken as officials do not allow pictures of the army,” said Lafforgue. Not allowing pictures of the army sounds like a standard procedure in a dictatorship, so there’s not much of a surprise with this one.