Real Hotels From Your Favorite Films That You Can Actually Visit

How many times have you watched a movie only to think, “I really want to go there?” Whether you’re watching The Hangover or The Shining, a lot of the hotels you see in movies are real and waiting for you to book a room. Why haven’t you yet? If you’re worried about how much these famous locales will cost, let’s put those worries to bed right now. You’ll be able to afford some of, if not all, the hotelson this list. Which will you choose?

The Plaza Hotel Should Have A Star On The Walk Of Fame

plaza hotel

Photo Credit: Noam Galai/WireImage via Getty Images

Located in New York, the Plaza Hotel has been featured in more films than you can imagine. Some of its most famous appearances are in Sleepless in Seattle, Home Alone 2, Crocodile Dundee, and Almost Famous. It’s also found its way into famous books like the Eloise series and The Princess Diaries.

If you’re looking to book a room for a night, be prepared to treat yourself! Staying at the Plaza Hotel won’t break the bank, but with an average cost of $400 a night it might feel that way. Considering the building’s location and history, though, that price feels like a steal to us!