You Know You’re From San Diego When…

San Diego has it all: Sunshine, surf, beer, burritos… But what sets the locals apart from everyone that is not a San Diego native? Check out ways to spot a San Diegan a mile away.

You know you’re from San Diego when………

You Love To Surf

It is no secret that people from all over the world come to San Diego to enjoy the amazing scenery, but another major attraction is the surf. Here you can find any type of surf break your heart desires: point break, reef break, beach break, surf along the jetty or pier- you name it.

sd surf.jpg

Just a short drive to the Mexican border, San Diego water temps stay in the comfortable range for most of the year, with several months of the year requiring no wetsuit. It’s no wonder you see multiple generations surfing together, as the San Diego native parents love to pass on their passion!