21 Total Hoverboard Fails

China’s hoverboard industry is in total chaos, and for good reason.  Retail giant Amazon.com has cracked down on sales of the popular gadgets in the wake of multiple hoverboards (which actually don’t even hover, but roll) spontaneously catching fire and causing significant injuries to customers. Amazon and other retailers have started pulling certain brands off of their shelves, and Amazon even suggested that people who already purchased hoverboards should trash them (with full refunds being issued).

Here are the tales (and videos) of some of the worst hoverboard fails so far, including one recent incident involving a major celebrity.

21. Holy hoverboard fail

A Catholic priest rode a hoverboard scooter during Christmas Eve Mass in the Philippines. His diocese was NOT amused. Father Albert San Jose has apologized for the incident, for which he was suspended.

20. Trying to be cool

Didn’t quite pull it off, bud.

19. Firestarter

Dang, that’s a pretty serious fire.

18. Timmmmmber!

17. This house got burned to the ground

I’d say this is a pretty big fail – one family lost their house when a charging hoverboard caught fire.

source: London Fire Brigade
source: London Fire Brigade

16. Phone gets killed

Uh oh, he ran over his phone.

15. Granny fail

Who thought this was a good idea?

Grandma took it like a champ, however.

14. Exploding battery

This demonstration of the hoverboard’s headlights went terribly awry. Watch out – there’s a pretty loud banging noise at the end of this clip.

13. Hoverboard pranks

OK, this one isn’t real but it’s pretty hilarious to watch these guys prank people with their fake hoverboard falls.

12. Party foul

This Vine clip shows the perils of acting cocky in front of a group of people. It’s just not going to end well.

11. Poor pup

Not cool to do this to a dog, dude.

10. She’s got legs

Really, pumps? How did she expect this to end?

9. Slo-mo fall

Poor woman.

8. Chore time

That’s one way to make raking leaves more fun.

7. The great escape

This one might not end the way you expect.


6. Public humiliation


5. What was he thinking???

Not the brightest idea.


4. Bare bottom fail

This one looks painful, but she seems to be able to laugh it off.

3. Darth Vader entrance

Even the Dark Lord can’t conquer his hoverboard.

2. Double fire action

Wow, these both malfunctioned! Bad luck.

1. Mike Tyson got KO’d by his hoverboard

The boxing legend was no match for his daughter’s hoverboard. He tweeted: “Seemed like a good idea to ride my daughter #milantyson #cyboard #hoverboard but guess not…” along with this video.