Amazing Travel Hacks Every World Explorer Needs

Whether you’re trekking across the globe or if you’re just escaping for a simple weekend getaway, every seasoned traveler know they needs some special gear to make their trips easier. This list has the top 20 hacks and tools that every traveler should be using!

Shampoo Containers That Are TSA Approved

One of the worst things that can ever happen to you when you’re traveling is to lose your luggage. If you have your shampoo stored in that lost luggage, you’re out of luck when it comes to your hair — especially if you require a specific type or brand of shampoo.


Why You Need It

As we said, it’s nice to have your own shampoo, just in case you lose your big bottle in a luggage mix-up. Also, shampoo that you carry on can also be used as body wash on long flights. Ditch the yucky airplane soap and use something you love the smell of.



If you’re traveling for a weekend and you only want to take a carry-on bag, chances are you might leave something behind at home. I myself can never pack as much as I would like to in an overhead, so why not upgrade to a luggage that allows you to pack as much as you want, in something super-convenient.


Why You Need It

The Rolo has mesh pockets that keeps all of your clothes sorted and concisely put away. The Rolo is also aptly named because it can be rolled up into an over-the-shoulder bag, perfect for carry on or overhead. There is also an attached hook so that when it is hung up, it serves as a perfect closet.


Stretch Laces

Yes, we understand why we have to take our shoes off, but for some of us who have to tie and retie shoes, it’s a bit of a bother. Also, if you ever have to go through security quickly to catch a plane, this added nuisance is so annoying. However, there just might be a solution.


Why You Need it

These stretchy laces are perfect so that you can simply to slide your foot in and out of your sneakers. This saves time, and is also extremely comfortable as well. You get to wear your favorite pair of trainers to the airport, but you don’t have the hassle of tying ’em up.


MochiThing’s Passport Wallet

Airport security is generally safe, but there is always something that we can do to protect our identity. When it comes to passport security, there is definitely no way to be “too safe.” Everyone should look into this high-tech gadget for their family and friends.


Why You Need It

MochiThing’s passport wallet has a special chip that will block RFID readers from receiving your personal information. RFID is a wireless chip that can be found in credit cards or passports, and scammers can easily steal your information just by swiping an RFID next to you. Get this wallet so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Inflatable Hangers

When you’re traveling and you are carrying with you some nice clothes, you definitely don’t want them to be all wrinkled when you unpack. So don’t pack them in a drawer or shove them into your over night bag! The trick is to hang them up. Just what makes these inflatable hangers so great?


Why You Need Them

Hangers are big and bulky. They take up so much space and they can also not fit into any normal luggage. They have a very definite shape and you are in no way going to make them fit into a standard bag. The benefit of having inflatable hangers is that you can easily let the air out of them, and they will conform to any space.


Bag Bungee

We admit it, carrying around your luggage is the hardest thing to do. You either have to bring your carry-on in one hand and your checked luggage in another, or you have to try to pull a balancing act. Either way, it’s a pain. This bag bungee might be the answer to our prayers.


Why You Need It

The bag bungee straps your carry-on bag securely onto the top of your checked luggage. This means that you never have to worry about carrying two bags — you just have to pull one giant bag! This will make navigating the airport and your destination all that much easier.


The Giant Body Wipe Bath

For anyone who has been on an overnight flight, you know that in the morning you feel absolutely disgusting. Your hair is all greasy and your body is totally oily. For some the flight might even be almost one whole day! Wouldn’t you like to be able to take a shower somehow mid-flight?


Why You Need It

The Body Wipe is a 4 by 2 feet towel that is like one giant wet nap. The towel is packaged so that it stays moist enough to cleanse your body. Simply take the towel out of the packaging and you have your own personal shower! This is also great for staying clean while living at a not-so-clean hostel.


Pay-As-You-Go Global Hotspot

WiFi literally runs the world, and you know that’s true. Not only do you want to Insta your travels, but it’s always good to have the internet handy for safety measures. It just might be easier to have internet than to trust maps or your gut while you’re in a totally different country.


Why You Need It

Pay-as-you go is great because if you find yourself not needing the internet or if you love being out of the interweb loop you can simply just stop paying. However, if you find that you do need WiFi, this affordable option will make sure that you are covered everywhere you go!



While flying, it’s easy to become either dehydrated (or just plain drunk) if you are on a long flight. You can never get the flight attendant to give you enough water and you also don’t want to lug around a heavy bottle. What is a well-hydrated person like yourself going to do?


Why You Need It

Vapur is a deflatable water jug that is large enough to hold a lot of water, while being convenient and lightweight at the same time. This is the perfect idea for someone that is going to be extremely active on their trip, but doesn’t want to keep buying bottled water. Drink up my friends!


Kindle Paperwhite

Books are fun, but books are also heavy. On airplanes, it’s hard not to get bored. The movies are always at least five years old and the music channels only play elevator music. It would be nice to escape into literature, and this lightweight electronic is the way to do it.


Why You Need It

This Kindle is lighter than a paperback novel and also has a very clear screen. It can store all of your favorite books and poetry so that the flight never gets too boring. But the best thing about this machine is that the battery life lasts for about six weeks! You got that right! That’s about a month and a half.


A Tiny Little Humidifier

If you are one of those people that are prone to getting sick, then you know that staying in a hostel is one of the worst experiences. Yes, it is affordable and cheap. However, hostels are usually incredibly crowded and you never know what the guy in the next bed has.


Why You Need It

A humidifier will help you breathe better at night, no matter where you are. They help make sure that when you do get to sleep during an active vacation, that you are getting the best sleep possible. This can also prevent you from contracting any airborne illnesses that might be lurking in a hotel room.


Bucky Eye Mask

Flights are loud and noisy. Flights are also incredibly bright, even when they turn all of the lights off. It seems that no matter what you do, you can never really get any good shut-eye in the air. Could these masks be the secret to looking REM sleep good?


Why You Need It

Yes, you might look like an alien when you wear this, but the results are the proof that buying this mask is worth every weird look you get. These eye masks are also contoured so that they won’t smudge your makeup or put any pressure on your eyes. You’ll look paparazzi-ready coming off the tarmac!


Portable Rain Hood

Jackets with hoods are heavy! They are also not the cutest thing you can wear. Rain jackets also scream “tourist,” which could be a problem when you are in a new city. Tourists with big shiny or neon rain coats might be the first people that scammers or muggers will try to rob or con.

rain hood

Why You Need It

The portable rain hood is sleek and simple. It also can fit into any pocket or bag so that if an unexpected shower comes, your hair and makeup won’t be ruined. Also, the hood comes in black, which is a timeless and often-unnoticed color. This won’t advertise that you’re a tourist to the city you’re visiting.


Compression Socks

Circulation is key on a plane. No matter how many times you stand up and stretch it never really feels like your body can get comfortable, and it’s hard to move around. This can cause some serious health problems, and it can also prevent you from falling asleep or getting rest.


Why You Need Them

These socks are made of spandex so that they promote healthy blood flow through out your legs and your calves. These are perfect for people who have bad blood flow or for anyone who sits on a very long flight. They will also keep the feet toasty warm!


Travel Door Alarm

For women these days, it seems that the new trend is to try to “find themselves,” by traveling alone. Although this is a great way to meet people and see the world, this can also be very dangerous. Not only do you not know the area, but women who travel alone are also frequently targeted by criminals.


Why You Need It

This is simply something that could help you in case there is a safety concern. This travel alarm will start to buzz and ring loudly when your door is suddenly opened without a key. The alarm also has a flashing LED light to warn you, if you don’t hear the buzz. This is perfect for anyone who is traveling alone or staying in a hotel that doesn’t seem quite safe.


Traveler Icon Shirt

Going to a country that doesn’t speak the same language as you can be daunting at first. It can also be exhilarating to see how other people live and how other cultures communicate with one another. But if you need to find the bathroom and you don’t know the word, then this shirt is for you.


Why You Need It

This shirt is covered in icons of various items and emotions that you might need during your time in a foreign country. The symbols include the bathroom, police, taxi, food, and drinking. You simply have to go up to a local and point to an icon. If they’re nice, they should be able to point you in the right direction.


Extended Battery Case

Finding a charging station or an outlet while you’re out on the town can be terribly frustrating. You’d have to try to find someone with a charger, or simply go about your day without a phone. The extended battery case just might be your savior.


Why You Need It

This one in particularl is great for adults that are trying to go out at night and party. If you are a little tipsy or drunk, having a fully-charged phone is one of the safest things that you can do. With a charged phone, you can get directions, get a cab, or call the police. This one is simply the best option.


To-Go Bottle Of Your Favorite Condiments

Trying local cuisine is one of the best experiences you can have while you’re abroad or in a different country. Food is really one of the best parts of a country’s culture and it’s a shame if you don’t feel comfortable enough eating some of the local delicacies.


Why You Need It

Occasionally it’s just nice to just have something that tastes like home. If you’re addicted to hot sauce, keeping a carry-on sized hot sauce allows you to add flavor to your food, and also will remind you of home. It’s comforting to have something that you like when you’re so far away.


Silk Bra Stash

Ladies are notoriously getting robbed while abroad or on vacation because some women like to carry bags. Bags can easily be pick-pocketed or even just outright stolen. To avoid this, try ditching the bag at home and carrying what you need somewhere safer.


Why You Need It

The silk bra stash hooks onto your bra and has a little pocket so that you can store your ID and your credit cards. This is perfect for women who are traveling alone or who want to be a little extra cautious about their money. Tip: Never carry a purse that can’t close.


And Finally, Foam Ear Plugs

You’re on the plane, and suddenly that baby right behind you starts to cry. It always seems that when we’re on a flight, there is something that makes a ton of noise. Stop accepting the “no-sleep” flights and start getting some serious zzzz’s with these ear plugs.


Why You Need It

Foam ear plugs will cancel out all of the noise, but they are also comfortable enough to sleep in. There is nothing worse than rolling over and feeling like something is jabbing you in the ear. These plugs mold to the inside of your ear so there’s no noise and no jabbing.