Only Americans Can Appreciate These Things About Game of Thrones

You might not know it, but Americans living in the United States actually have a lot in common with “Game of Thrones” characters living in the fictional Westeros. These facts can be comical, disappointing, and surprisingly accurate! If you love “Game of Thrones” and want to understand the U.S. in terminology that make sense to you, look no further. Here are some fun and surprising things Americans can appreciate about “Game of Thrones.”

Kings Landing, Otherwise Known as Washington, DC

Besides the obvious comparison that both are capital cities, you have to dig a bit deeper to unearth the real similarities. Kings Landing is full of deceptive and corrupt people who are trying to gain more power, and if that isn’t enough to connect the dots then we don’t know what is! Both governments were built on the backs of the less fortunate, and while we know to root for the Targaryens and Starks in “Game of Thrones,” we have no idea who to root for in reality.