Can You Handle The Cuteness Of This Puppy Bath?!

There is one common weakness across the globe and that is cute puppy videos. The only possible challenger to that title is definitely cute kitty videos. Just like any first-time parent, any first-time puppy owner wants to make sure they document the incident. As seen in a video posted on Rumble, this newborn puppy is a Bernese Mountain Dog. He’s only two and a half weeks old!


Interestingly, this breed sometimes strongly dislikes water. The dog, like most dogs, can swim and even help in water rescues, but it’s not in their nature to just jump in. The water aversion is kind of a strange thing because the breed is very close to the Newfoundland, which is known for their love of water. However, the Bernese was originally bred to be a farm dog so perhaps it’s no surprise that they like to keep their paws dry.

The dogs apparently originate from the “Molosser” race of dogs which gets its name from King Molossus, who was said to be the grandson of Achilles the legendary warrior who led the battle at the Trojan War. King Molossus ruled the Molossians Tribe in Epirus which is now Greece and Albania. Oddly enough, the Molossian Tribe was known to be a sea-faring people and the dogs originally sailed everywhere with their people. Apparently, some breeds that have derived from the ancient race of dogs have kept their sea loving ways and others, like the Bernese, prefer to stay on the land.

Bernese Mountain Dogs have also often gained publicity for saving their owners. For example, a dog named Bella saved her owner Chris Laroque from their home which caught on fire. The owner was injured and unable to move, and Bella literally pulled him from the home. He said without her he would have likely perished in the fire. Or like the Berner Nico, who definitely put aside the breeds disliking of water. Nico had recently been adopted and was at the beach when he miraculously knew that two people needed to be saved before being swept out to sea in a rip current in California.

Perhaps this little guy also doesn’t follow the rules or perhaps he takes after the heroic Nico, because he definitely seems to love his very first bath time! According to the dog’s owner, it was his first time in warm water and he loved it.

This breed has also been featured in a variety of films, TV shows, and even books. In the 2003 film Good Boy, the main character is a Bernese Mountain Dog named Shep. Shep is voiced by the legendary Carl Reiner. In the TV show The New Normal, the breed was also featured and the characters of Bryan and David, played by Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha, respectively, owned two Berners. The dogs names on the show are Smelly and Harvey Milkbone.


Maybe we will one day see this little cutie starring in his own show OR … even better, starring in his own show as a Berner that loves the water.