The Most Expensive Homes On The World Market

The most expensive homes in the world are some of the most gorgeous, jaw-dropping examples of architectural beauty. From penthouses in Morocco that are a dream come true, to villas in the South of France that embody the Garden of Eden, these multi-million dollar estates are truly inspiring to look at. Whether you’re in the market for a new home or just want a peek into a more luxurious lifestyle, then this slideshow is perfect for you.

Manalapan Megamansion


The Manalapan Megamansion is located in sunny Lantana, Florida. It’s a 16-acre estate that is currently listed for a cool $195 million, with a secluded ocean front view that spans 1,200 feet. The mansion holds 33 bedrooms and seven bathrooms, and a botanical garden that contains an estimated 1,500 species of tropical plants. Built in the 1940s, the mansion stands as an inspirational style icon for the 20th century. It was originally dubbed one of Truman Capote’s “Swans.”

Kestrel Ridge Farm

Kestrel Ridge Farm is a stunning equestrian estate located in Calgary, Canada. It’s on the market for $30 million, and stretches 11,800 sq ft across the upper ridge of the Canadian Rockies. It’s described as a “modern concept, luxury log home” and houses six bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms. The mansion comes with an indoor swimming pool, a 3,700 sq ft guest house, and well-groomed riding trails for the adventurous nature-lover. It’s practically a woodland wonderland!


This French utopia lies just off the coast of Côte d’Azur. It comes with tropical views on every side and a Mediterranean seaside location perfect for escaping to. The price of castle is $105 million, and seems to be worth every franc. The property is about 1,400 sq meters wide and has been standing since the year 1900. The secluded estate may as well be a million miles away from the world, or at the very least, that’s what it feels like when you’re lost in paradise.

Rancho San Carlos

In Santa Barbara County sits a 237-acre property with an asking price of $125 million. The ranch is as close as you’ll get to owning your own personal Garden of Eden, with acres of orchards filled with avocados and citrus fruit. The house is 30,000 sq ft, and includes 10 surrounding, smaller cottages, as well as equestrian facilities for the avid rider and horse lover. The house also contains 12 bedrooms, with 20 bathrooms to accompany.

Villa Les Cèdres

The Villa Les Cèdres is now the most expensive piece of real estate on the global market. It’s being sold for $1.1 billion, and we’re about to tell you why. Besides the Olympic-sized swimming pool and the 35-acre botanical garden that encompasses the mansion, the rich history of this extravagant home dates back as far as 1870. The villa is located in the South of France, near Nice, and is being sold by drink company Campari. The French dreamland holds 30 stables and at least 10 bedrooms, but it’s the property’s personal chapel that makes it stand out. The likes of King Leopold the 2nd, and iconic movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor have slept in this home.

Holmby Hills Villa

BCBG fashion designer Max Azria, placed his 33,000 sq ft mansion on the market in 2015. The luxury home has its very own 6,000 sq ft private cinema, and is located in the Platinum Triangle, an area of Los Angeles. The house jumped from $85 to $88 million this past March, and houses 17 bedrooms and 22 bathrooms.


Located in Saint Peter’s Bay, Barbados, Palazette is a unique, one-a-kind resort that can accommodate five bedrooms and six bathrooms, within each of four separate residences. The multiple-family manor is entirely ocean front with its own spa, and an attached segment of staff quarters. The asking price for the piece of luxury will set you back $125 million.

Centurion Colonial

This Argentinian colonial structure is 100 years old, and is selling for $34 million. The rustic scenery combined with the authentic history hidden in the walls is enough to make any buyer seriously consider the heritage they’d be living amid. The colorful mansion is located in the nation’s capitol, Buenos Aires.

Former Danny Thomas Estate

Once owned by comedian Danny Thomas, this carefully constructed palace sits on top of a hill in Beverly Hills, California. The mansion is a total of 18,000 sq ft, and is detailed with gold leaflet designs, hand-painted ceilings, and $2 million worth of Baccarat chandeliers and carpets adorning the property. The classic style chateau is on the world market for $135 million, and not a penny less. We can picture those pavilions and poolside parties now.

Australian Waterfront Paradise

This Australian waterfront property is the very definition of architectural beauty. What else could you dream of besides privacy, a riverfront view, and a home with lavish “his” and “hers” bathrooms. The iron gated mansion is selling for $30 million, and comes with five bedrooms (each attached to their own bathroom), as well as an entertainer’s basement that has the ability to become a disco hall or a private theater. The sauna and spa aren’t too shabby either, if you ask us.

Monaco Luxury Living

This futuristic water world, situated in Monaco, is one of the most expensive properties the world market. It’s selling for $400 million, and in exchange you receive a five-story complex, a rooftop pool that looks out over the Mediterranean, and a theme-park influenced slide straight from the Sky Penthouse. The luxury home sits atop Tour Odeon Tower.

Fifth Avenue Duplex

New York City’s most expensive property is officially the 834 Fifth Avenue Duplex that overlooks Central Park. The asking price is $120 million, but the dollar amount isn’t nearly as shocking as the home’s beauty. It’s located in the Upper East Side, accessed through the interior of the same apartment building where Elizabeth Arden and Rupert Murdoch have kicked up their feet. The duplex is advertised as a co-op and comes fully equipped with a library, a wine cellar, and ceilings that reach 12 feet high.

Japanese Turtle Mountain

In Japan’s largest bamboo forest, there’s an ancient property that’s kept a quiet secret. This luxury house on Turtle Mountain is selling for $9 million, and looks like the perfect hideaway for relaxation, mediation and and a spiritual connection with one’s self. Other than that, it just looks beautiful and serene. There are three bedrooms to choose from to get your zen on, not to mention the scenic route leading through the surrounding forest.

L’essence Jardins

In São Paulo, Brazil a regal structure referred to as L’essence Jardins, is on the market for a whopping $24.4 million. The structure is reminiscent of a parliament building, but is actually a luxury apartment complex. If you’d prefer to settle for one sliver instead of the whole pie, a single condo in the Brazilian masterpiece is $4 million.

Le Palais Royal

Up for grabs for a price tag of $109 million, Le Palais Royal offers the exclusive experience of living on the coast in Florida. The location is prime and the mansion — excuse us, we mean fortress —  is colossal. The property expands past 1.6 acres of beachfront land, has an ice skating rink, an IMAX theater, and a go-kart track. Because hanging out on the boat dock or $2 million staircase would get so boring after a while.

Modern Israeli Villa

This modern style Israeli villa is located in Herzliya Pituach, just north of Tel Aviv. If the green scenery and swimming pool outside of the property aren’t enough to convince you that it’s worth $33 million, then maybe the fitness center, steam spa, and tennis court will. Coming straight out of a tech nation, the massive Mediterranean home is built with an intercom system, a media room, and a private elevator. This certainly is luxury living at its finest.

Morrocan ‘House Under The Palms’

In the heart of Morocco is a special treat of a home. The House Under the Palms offers an authentic taste of spice and cultural flavor, and it can be yours for $65 million. Twelve acres of gardens circumference the mansion, complete with cacti, roses, palm tree aligned walk ways, and of course majestic water fountains that accentuate the night. The manor took three years to complete, but when finally finished, was comprised of eight bedrooms and four extra suites, plus an outside cottage.

Sycamore Valley Ranch

Formerly known as Neverland Ranch, the new and improved mansion has gone on the market for $100 million. Since the passing of Michael Jackson, the property’s more “child-like” features have slowly vanished. What was once a identical to an amusement park is now being described as a 12,000 sq ft home, that is joined by a guesthouse, a movie theater, two athletic courts, two lakes, and a train station. The property sits on 2,700 acres worth of land, and if you’d like to bring back the exotic animals, we’d suppose that’d be pretty cool.

South African ‘Enigma’ Mansion

Resting in the midst of South Africa’s infamous Cape Town is a property just as lit as the region’s reputation. The Enigma mansion has a sale price of $30 million and is located inside of the city’s most elite communities. It’s a flashy and bold estate to reside in, especially with the massive swimming pool out front.

Twelve Peaks

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a luxury apartment with a rooftop terrace in Hong Kong, then you’re in luck. The high-priced home at the top of the Peaks is on sale for a steep price of $105 million, but when you’re overlooking the Victoria Harbour, we’re sure every cent counts. The sky-high home provides the perfect look-out in a world for those who wish to see it all from the comfort of their own dwelling.

Bahamian Beachfront Palace

For those who’ve longed to live life on an island, feel free to dream of this self-described “sea-level luxury home.” For $20 million, the tropical paradise comes with a golf course, six bedrooms, an an automatic piano that plays through the night. You’re not likely to ever feel bothered by the stress of life again, if you’re lucky enough to scoop up this marine life haven.

Palazzo di Amore

The Palazzo di Amore has the honor of being the most expensive real estate listing in the United States. The mansion can be found in Beverly Hills, and has a price tag of $195 million. The 35,000 sq ft piece of artwork not only has its own bowling alley, but also offers a revolving dance floor, a disco-style ballroom, a laser light system, and a Turkish spa. Look up the word “luxury” in the dictionary, and this royal residence will probably be listed there.

Luxurious Villa In Barbados

On 2.6 acres of land and found on Gibbes Beach in Barbados, is a luxury villa priced at $55 million. It’s a beachfront property with that bona fide island feeling, encased in palm tress and bamboo-style architecture. We bet a person (a very rich person), sure could feel like they live on vacation 24/7.

The Playboy Mansion

It seems that Hugh Hefner has finally decided that it’s time to move on from the home he’s accomplished so much in. The Playboy mansion was originally selling for $200 million, but rumors have been circulating regarding a serious price cut and sale for about half of that. The publicly televised mansion has been viewed by the world for more than just reality entertainment purposes, but we must admit, a garden that serves as a habitat for exotic animals could probably never get old to us.

Kings Point Estate

King’s Point Estate could be the setting of an Oscar Wilde novel. Or perhaps, the perplexing home of the forever-loved Addams Family. Either way, the classic manor is a gated mystery that is sheer perfection. The interior houses a casino and a private bowling alley, but we’re most in love with the waterfront gateway that provides personal access into New York City. This brick-covered cove is valued at $100 million.

Elk Mountain Lodge

This breath-taking 83-acre compound belonged to billionaire Bill Koch, before he placed it on the market for $80 million. The mansion is the epitome of a classic ski lodge, and has three extra cabins on the on the land as well. The Aspen property has eight bedrooms and is approximately 15,000 sq ft in measurement. Home on the range, here we come!

Le Palais Bulles: “Bubble Palace”

The Bubble Palace is a mansion unlike any other. The design is constructed to satisfy a futuristic, space-like vision and it certainly succeeds. Le Palias Bulles is located in Cannes, and is selling for an outstanding $455 million. The home offers multi-dimensional views across the French skyline, and prospective buyers have about 10 bedrooms to choose from.

The Los Angeles Spec House

Built on the grounds of Barbara Streisand’s former estate, the Los Angeles Spec House is meant for some serious R&R. The glorious pad comes completes with a wine cellar, a spa, three pools and an entertainment complex with a private theater. The hiking trail is also a neat add-on, but mostly, we just think it’s fabulous that Babs herself used used stroll through this land. At $150 million, the mansion is up for grabs.

Thimble Islands


If any of the dream houses on our list has sparked your interest in terms of seclusion, then we’re about to introduce you to your new favorite fantasy. Thimble Islands is a series of private pieces of land surrounded by water. It requires a helicopter ride, or an even longer boat ride, to get to and from the isolated destination, but once you’re home sweet home you can relish in the eight acres of gardens, landscaping and peace of mind. Roger Island is currently on the market, asking for $78 million in return for your own sanctuary.

Upper-East Side Beaux Arts Mansion

This turn-of-the-century art-filled mansion was placed on the market last February for $84 million. The luxurious townhouse is made of limestone, and the walls are covered in Hermès leather. The building was originally constructed in 1903 and has been renovated accordingly, but the interior was inspired by Russian design and architecture.

Luxury Villa In Cannes

Also located in Cannes, ths a majestic villa that spans 23,000 sq ft across its property. The villa has 32 rooms available for accommodation, and rests high in Alpine Mountains of France. Bearing a slight resemblance to Versailles, we can only assume that living in this estate would create a feeling of royalty for the inhabitants. $112 million is the amount needed in order to purchase to this water-surrounded home.

Martha’s Vineyard Estate

Martha’s Vineyard is a 213 acre estate that lies on an oceanfront property but still feels like it’s out in the country. The pond on the property claims about 35 of those acres and is considered to be some of the most private land in the world. The Vineyard is available for $100 million, and a tennis court and swimming pool are both included in the price. It truly does appear to be a piece of Massachusetts heaven.

Italian Olive Grove Villa

If you’ve fantasized about living in an olive grove, filled with citrus and surrounded by vineyards, then Italy is where you belong. This extravagant villa located next to the Gulf of Naples is worth $65 million, and the mansion you receive in exchange for your green comes with four housing levels and two private elevators.

Lorelei Valley Villa

This German luxury villa overlooks the rolling waters of the Rhine River. It’s positioned in the Lorelei Valley and will cost the interested buyer about $22 million. It was inspired by Georgian style, and advertises its old-century, wrap-around-balcony as its key point of endearment.

Briar Patch

Briar Patch, which is located in The Hamptons, is set to score $140 million for its woodland environment and waterfront appeal. Resembling classic. Old-English style, the estate offers massive intrigue with strategically placed fireplaces, private pond, handmade wallpaper, and historic sentiment. The mansion may only have six bedrooms, but the guesthouse has another four. You know, back by the usual tennis courts and and hot tub.

Lake Geneva’s Castle

In Geneva sits one of Switzerland’s most beautiful properties. It comes with a mesmerizing view of Mont Blanc mountain, and costs about $131 million. The property is on a total of 148 acres of countryside land, and embodies nobility and greatness.

Pumpkin Key

Pumpkin Key is a private island located in the Florida Keys, and is one of the state’s oldest, most historical pieces of land. The price for having your own island is $95 million, but the beauty in this purchase is that the infrastructure has already been built for you. The hideaway comes with cottages, a main house on shore, tennis courts, and a marina for pleasure or transportation. Twenty six acres of pure happiness, and blue waters to swim in.

Nikolino Villa

Russia has always been known for and recognized in architectural and stylistic achievements. They have rich use of texture and innovative methods of color coordination, and this luxury villa in Nikolino is no exception. This four-level villa is graced with red undertones and an abundance of gold detail, helping enhance the feeling of prosperity that flows through its corridors. The six bedroom manor is being sold for $100 million and measures over 100,000 sq ft.

A Norwegian, English-Style Manor

This grandiose English-style manor is officially on the market in Norway. With six bedrooms and a carefully designed elegance, the manor’s agents are only asking $9.5 million. The estate can be found in a remote section of Bergen, and has a private dock in the back for boats and relaxing by the pool.

‘Land’s End’ Hillside Villa

“Land’s End” hillside villa is located in Cabo San Lucas, and overlooks the most exclusive of elite communities in Mexico. The property is being sold for $13 million. We can safely say that whoever the prospective buyer turns out to be, they’ll be in for the spicy, laid-back lifestyle associated with the Mexican culture.