Got An Extra $3 Million Burning A Hole In Your Wallet? This Is The Fastest Street-Legal Car In The US

Let’s say you are driving down the road in your new car. At two hundred miles an hour. Let’s also say that you still have plenty of room left in the pedal. And the vehicle is completely street-legal. Interested? Then I’ve got just the car for you! Let’s take a good look at the fastest street-legal car sold in the United States.


The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is the kind of car that loves to be called a show-off. It’s a brilliant, technological masterpiece that exists purely to show the world (and your next-door neighbors) that you’ve not only arrived but also that there’s no more room at the top anyway.

Only ten or twelve copies of the car are built at any time. Not that a huge amount of people on earth can really afford the thing anyway. How expensive is it? Let me put it this way: If the dollar softens by a mere cent against the euro, the car’s window sticker jumps more than sixteen thousand dollars.

Just the tires on this baby cost somewhere in the neighborhood of forty two thousand dollars. And they only last around ten thousand miles or so. Be aware that you’re required to replace the $69,000 wheels after the third tire change. Required. And there’s only one type of wheel in the world that’ll fit the car. Talk about exclusive. But one doesn’t purchase a vehicle of this caliber to be worried about the cost of tires, much less the cost of anything else, do they? Apparently people must really love the car, as there are 243 exceedingly happy Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport owners around.

But of course, you don’t have to buy the car to enjoy it, as there are rentals available – for $1.7 million. And those cars only possess a rather dull and boring one-thousand-and-one horsepower. So why bother then? Better to just go out, remove the mold from your wallet and buy the real deal. And the “real deal” packs over twelve hundred of those ponies under its hood. Incidentally, it’s a hood that takes over thirty minutes and no fewer than two technicians to remove, so don’t think you are heading to the driving range to show the engine to your envious (but too poor to afford it – you and they both know it) country club friends. But at least you can show off the inside trim level, which is basically made of anything you want, so long as it’s skinned with some type of beast.


Nope, this (minimum) $2.5 million, twelve-hundred horsepower, eleven-hundred pounds of foot torque, zero to sixty in two-point-four seconds, “beast of a beast” car is all yours. I supposed you could let a valet park it for you — after criminal background checks and the businesses credit rating have been approved. I also suppose you could trust parking at the front of some mall or other commoner’s parking lot with the utmost confidence that your nearly four-hundred-thirty-thousand dollar clear-coated fiber-carbon (instead of paint) application would ever be scratched or keyed. I’d pick up one in a heartbeat if it wasn’t electronically limited to 253 mph. Oh, this is the lap of luxury.