Here’s What You Missed This Week On Trendchaser

A lot happened on Trendchaser this week! No worries if you missed anything — here’s a handy highlight reel to keep you updated.

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TWINS! Big baby news this week!

Beyoncé and husband Jay Z are expecting to see double soon. Take a look back at Beyoncé’s evolution to the powerful woman she is today.

And George and Amal Clooney have also announced that they’re having twins. Congrats to both happy couples and their upcoming bundles of joy!


With Valentine’s Day around the corner, do you ever wonder how the holiday is celebrated around the world? Here are some unique Valentine’s traditions from all corners of the globe.


If you’re single, maybe these breakup stories will make you glad you don’t have to deal with the chaos of relationships:


No matter which lovely coast you’re from, you probably feel homesick sometimes. Whether you’re from beautiful Southern California or sunny Florida, we’ve got major hometown pride for you this week.


Ever been disappointed in a TV series finale? Yeah, so have we. Here are 20 of the top letdowns in television finale history.


If you’re wondering what Trump has been up to during his first month in office, here’s a story for you. Presenting: a rundown of all the non-Presidential things Donald Trump has been doing with his time in the White House.


Ghost lovers everywhere will enjoy this collection of celebrity ghost encounters, featuring some of the biggest names in the business. Might want to leave the lights on when you read this one, folks.

If that wasn’t enough spine-tingling goodness, then these real-life exorcism tales might do the trick.

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And finally, for all you late bloomers: look no further than this article to keep your spirits up. Here are twenty people who didn’t succeed until they were in their 40s or beyond. If they can do it, so can you! Get out there and grab life by the horns.