His Dog Was Staring So Intently At The Wall This Man Had No Choice But To Investigate

George Miller watched as his dog, Crosby, stared endlessly at one of the walls of their home. The dog did this day in and day out. Finally, George decided to install a camera to try and find out what Crosby was so interested in.

After looking at the taped footage, George walked to the wall, which delighted Crosby. What the young man found provided the answer to all his questions.

George Miller Was A Bachelor

Living in a different city from the rest of your family can get lonely and was something George Miller wasn’t used to. He preferred to have a support team around him at all times but had moved far away from his family.

George Miller Was Getting A Bit Lonely
George McAdam/Facebook
George McAdam/Facebook

So, he decided to do something about his loneliness and find a companion. But this companion didn’t come in the form of a human partner. No, George was thinking of something with four legs, not two!