Just A Few Quick Reminders Why We Don’t Deserve Dogs

There’s no doubt that every dog at some point in its life can be a real troublemaker. But, similar to young children, dogs are born with the ability to be so cute that we can forgive all their wrongdoings.

These dogs take that cuteness to levels never seen before. From the most generous dogs to the most fashionable ones, these pups keep reminding us how dogs are too pure for us. What did we do to deserve these doggos? Check out the service dog who left an impact on an entire school.

This Generous Dog

This eight-month old puppy Lana was rescued off the streets of Brazil by her owner and was living a brand new life. She didn’t take her new good fortune for granted, though.

Photo credit: @indy100/Twitter
Photo credit: @indy100/Twitter

Her owner placed a blanket into her doghouse for when it got cold, and to the owner’s surprise, she dragged it over to the yard’s fence to share with another homeless dog. This dog is more generous than most people I know.