Man Living In Vietnam Claims To Be Missing Prisoner Of War

During the Vietnam War in the late 1960s and early 1970s, thousands of soldiers fought for the United States during an era when the nation was divided about the country’s involvement in the conflict. Many of these soldiers became prisoners of war (POWs) and sadly, many were never heard from again.

One of those soldiers was Master Sgt. John Hartley Robertson. He was presumed dead after being captured in 1975 but miraculously found to be alive in 2008! But the happy homecoming wasn’t what it seemed…

In 2008, A Missionary Heard Of A Strange Rumor

In spring 2008, a Christian missionary named Tom Faunce (who was a Vietnam veteran) went to Cambodia to help locals dig wells. He had survived two tours of duty, but not everyone he served with during his stint in the military was as lucky as he was. Faunce was greatly affected by the war and turned his energies towards religion and helping others around the world.

Photo: Tom Faunce and fellow soldiers
Photo: Tom Faunce and fellow soldiers

During a break from the well project, Faunce heard a rumor that an American Vietnam veteran had survived a helicopter crash in 1968 and will still alive. The man was reportedly living in Laos.