Military Weapons The World Didn’t Think Were Possible

The United States Navy is the largest and most powerful navy in the world. With a reputation like that, you can bet that they have some of the most intense weapons in their arsenal. Much of the Navy’s weaponry has been in development for years, and even the most sophisticated artillery is still improving.

From nuclear war deterring missiles that can be launched from covert submarines to laser-guided missiles that almost never miss their mark, these weapons were unthinkable only a few decades ago.

Wait until you see the missile that has the power to take out a small country.

TRIDENT II (D5) Missile


Getty Images

This is a Trident II D5 missile launching from an Ohio-class submarine. The Trident II is a ballistic missile capable of deterring nuclear warfare. Twelve independently-targeted nuclear warheads can fit into one missile. The warheads are called MIRV, which stands for multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles.

Trident missiles get launched from nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, which can carry up to 20 missiles. The missiles are powerful enough to take out an entire small country. Fourteen U.S. Navy Ohio-class submarines currently carry these missiles.

Which surface-to-air missile uses infrared technology to increase its precision? Keep reading to find out!