Most Popular Google Searches, Instagram Posts & More In 2017

Certain celebrities dominate social media and the news while some come straight out of left field. One star is preparing for a widely anticipated wedding this spring, while another made quite a statement with her baby reveal. Then there’s the certain political figure who is constantly making headlines. But there are also people, places, and things that topped Google searches and received a lot of “likes” this year that were totally unexpected. Here’s what people were talking about and searching for online in 2017.

Future Royal Meghan Markle

One of Google’s most-searched people in 2017 was none other than Meghan Markle. And no, it wasn’t because she was in the USA series Suits. Obviously, it was because news started to get out that she was romantically tied to Prince Harry. The world and royal watchers went wild when they found out that Harry appeared to be in a serious relationship — with an American! The fact that she was an actress and also biracial made many tongues wag. Now that the couple is engaged, their partnership will no doubt continue making headlines around the world.

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images
Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images