Natalee Holloway: A Case That Captivated The Nation

The Natalee Holloway disappearance captured the attention of our entire nation. The high school senior disappeared on a trip to Aruba in 2005. For over ten years investigators have sought to found out the truth about what happened to Natalee and finally it seems as though part of the mystery may have been uncovered.

A Shocking New Lead 12 Years Later

In a newly-released video clip, Dave Holloway says there is a new person of interest who states that he was directly involved in disposing of Natalee’s remains. The clip is a sneak peek into a new crime series that follows Dave’s years-long investigation of his daughter’s mysterious disappearance.

Natalee’s father, Dave

In the series, a man named Gabriel informed Natalee’s father, Dave, of what he heard about how his daughter had died, and where her body was. Gabriel was told the information by a 30-year-old man named John Ludwick, who is also connected to Joran van der Sloot. Five years after her disappearance, Joran told John that he had drugged Natalee Holloway. And soon after she unknowingly drank the drug GHB, things got even worse.

The Burial Was Almost Discovered

John Ludwick told Gabriel that Joran slipped the drug into her drink, and Natalee soon had a terrible reaction to the drug. She breathed in her own vomit and died from asphyxia. That’s when Joran decided he had to bury her body. Gabriel continued, telling Dave Holloway that Joran and Joran’s father (who has since passed) buried Natalee’s body in a national forest.

Gabriel, Informant. Still via Oxygen

However, detectives were getting closer to locating the body, and Joran grew nervous. That’s when he contact John Ludwick, the man Gabriel also knows. Joran asked Ludwick to recover the body and bring it to a morgue to be cremated. Ludwick agreed and followed Joran’s request for $1,500. Then, he disposed of her ashes in the ocean.