New Mom Is Shocked To See Hidden Message On Newborn’s Onesie

Many new parents plan for all kinds of things like the new baby’s room. Or what they want to name the baby. Maybe they even start thinking ahead as to what preschool they want their new addition to the family to attend. New parents start planning for their baby’s arrival almost as soon as they find out they are having a baby. But this new dad decided he was going to plan for something else first.

onesie proposal 2.jpg

New dad, Darick Mead, decided he was going to include his new baby in his wedding proposal. His girlfriend, Susan Medina, became pregnant with their first baby, he joked that they wouldn’t get married for decades. But this was all a part of his ploy to completely catch her off guard. He wanted to make sure Susan was totally surprised by his marriage proposal—and boy, did he sure accomplish his goal! Darick’s tacticturned out to be quite the diversionbecause Susan had no idea he would propose so soon.

Darick, who works as a welder, secretly got Susan’s engagement ring not too long before she was due. While she was getting ready to deliver their son and preparing their home in the last few weeks before his arrival, Darick was preparing her friends and family for his proposal; even the doctors and nurses knew that he was going to pop the big question!

The Nebraska couple were so excited to welcome their first bundle of joy into the world. Luckily, cameras were in the hospital room to catch the spectacular moments of both when the baby was born and when the new father made his move. The photos quickly went viral on social media; it must be because during this stressful and trying time, seeing images of pure, simple joy are what we all need to feel better.

Just a few short hours after mister Ryder Michael Mead was born, his daddy made his move and showed his new mom that he still had a few tricks up his sleeve. Darick quickly swapped Ryder’s onesie to the one that had a special message written to Susan on it.

It simply said, “Mommy, will you marry my daddy?” on the onesie. Pinned onto it was a stunning engagement ring (it is in the upper right-hand corner of the onesie). Susan had absolutely no idea—and of course, she said yes!

After all the hype, Susan spoke with Buzzfeed about the entire experience and what she really thought about Darick’s proposal saying, “He used to always say that we wouldn’t be married for at least 40 years, just so I wouldn’t know when he would pop the question. So when he did, I was super overwhelmed. I even asked him if it was a prank and was waiting for him to say, ‘Just kidding, 38 more years.’”

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“Nearly all of our visitors came at the same time and I was stressing out because I had to talk to all of them, but little did I know they, the nurses, and the doctors were all in on it,” Medina said. “The nurses even took Ryder to ‘check on him’ when really they were getting him in his outfit.” “I had no idea I could love someone as much as I love him,” she said of her newborn.